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How to Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Learn how to protect your infant from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


There are certain ways you can help prevent SIDS for your baby and it is very important to follow these steps. Number one, it is always important to place your baby on their back to sleep. This is because their face on their stomach is very close to the mattress and it could cause them to re-breathe in the air they have already expelled so staying on their back is of crucial importance to help prevent SIDS. Other ways to prevent SIDS are to have a crib completely free of any objects: no bumper, no blankets, no stuffed lovies, no stuff toys; it's beautiful and wonderful to see a very ornate comfortable soft and warm crib but for an infant that can be extremely dangerous. There should be nothing in a crib except for a baby and the swaddle should be very tight. If you notice that the baby is breaking free from their swaddle this could also cover their face and cause SIDS. So you need to be constantly checking on your baby and making sure the crib is free of any objects that could cover their face. Other ways to prevent SIDS are placing a fan either above or in the room to help circulate air within the baby's room. Another area of concern for SIDS is smoking so anyone smoking near a baby or in the baby's home should really be prevented because that is another leading indicator for SIDS.

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