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What Vaccinations Does Your Baby Need?

Learn everything you need to know about vaccinations from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


Vaccinations are a very controversial topic for a lot of parents. There's been a lot of speculation and literature that people wonder if there's a tie between autism and vaccination. To my knowledge as a mom of three and parenting expert, I haven't seen that tie so I always recommend all of my clients to get their children vaccinated.

The common vaccination that you're getting vaccinated against would be polio, pneumonia, small pox, chicken pox. If your children were to get these days, it could be very harmful to them. Vaccinations aren't pleasant for anyone. But they're very quick and done rather painlessly over a couple of minutes. The way you can make them easier for your child is to have your bottle ready or your pacifier ready so that after they get their needle, they can be comforted right away. Sugar is actually a natural painkiller before the age of 12 in children.

So something as simple as having formula or breast milk present right after a shot will help the child after their vaccinations, calm down and get pain relief. Sometimes children may get a reaction after their vaccination.

They may have a raised bump on their leg which a cool compress may help relieve. Or they may get a rash or a fever. If they develop any of that you would want to call your doctor immediately. Vaccinations right now are recommended pediatricians to keep your children safe.

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