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How to Protect Your Baby from Sun Exposure

Learn how to protect your infant from sun exposure from parenting coach Tammy Gold in this Howcast baby care video.


The heat can be very dangerous for your baby, but you don’t want to keep them inside all summer. It’s very easy to protect your baby from the sun by keeping them in the shade as much as possible. Your stroller or infant carrier should have a nice shaded canopy that goes over the baby. If it doesn’t cover the baby enough, there’s add-ons for strollers and carriers that can shield the baby even further, covering their entire body. You could also get your baby little sunglasses, a hat, and nice protective sun clothing to keep their skin cool and protected from the sun. Sunscreen usually isn’t recommended until they’re six months of age; however, if the baby has to be in direct sunlight for a long period of time, I usually recommend to my clients that they do apply sunscreen. The best ones to apply are ones made especially for babies and those that are PABA free, because usually children are a little allergic to PABA, and it can have a reaction with your child. So keep them cool, keep them in the shade, provide extra water if needed, and apply sunscreen if they’re going to be in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

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