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How to Take Care of a Baby with Tammy Gold

Learn about parent coach Tammy Gold, one of Howcast's baby care experts, in this video.


Hello, my name is Tammy Gold, and I am here with Howcast today as the parenting expert for the newborn series. I am a licensed therapist and certified parent coach. I am the owner of a company called Gold Parent Coaching. I founded my company very long ago when I became a new parent, because I believed that it was wonderful to get this new baby, but there wasn’t enough information like these wonderful Howcast videos to tell you what to do with the baby. So we started a company to help parents in every type of situation from handling a newborn, a difficult toddler, a challenging teenager, even how to find the right nanny for them. If we can help you in any way, or if you have any additional questions beyond the videos that we show you here today, please contact us at We love to help any parent anywhere in the world to realize their strength and guide them through this wonderful journey of becoming a parent.

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