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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 1 (2 of 2)

Beat Chapter 1 of Act 1 - "Anchored" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Prescott: This is the chairman.

Marcus: Great, now he wants coffee.

Prescott: I'm under attack in the captain's cabin. Michaelson's badly wounded. I can't hold them off alone. We require immediate assistance.

Fenix: Prescott, this is Fenix. Hold on. We're coming. Come on, move it! We got to get down there. Prescott can't handle this on his own. Take it!

Carmine: They've reached the deck below. Come on, let's get down there! Throwing smoke!

Fenix: Nice! Got you. Next!

Marcus: Everyone, off the deck. Get out of here. Go, go!

Fenix: You fucked up my tomatoes, you assholes! Come on, stop them before they get below deck! Infected piece of shit! Down in front. Nice!

Carmine: Smoke out!

Anya: Frag out!

Fenix: Get a move on. We've got to help Prescott! Anyone near the lift controls? Raise the deck lift!

Carmine: You got it, Fenix.

Anya: Drudges!

Fenix: Lambent!

Prescott: Fire, fire, fire! Fire in the galley flat! Fire control team to the galley flat!

Dom: Incoming glowies!

Anya: Sovereign to all KR units off-ship. We are under heavy Lambent attack. The ship has been boarded and we require support. I say again, we are under attack...

Fenix: There's a fire! Grab the extinguisher. Let's get these fires under control.

Dom: Prescott better not be dead. Not yet!

Fenix: Prescott, keep your fucking head down!

Prescott: You must take off! Why not? Well, find someone to do it. Very well! Stand by.

Fenix: Michaelson's gone.

Prescott: Fenix, get down to the hangar. The helicopters are under attack. We need to get them airborne right away.

Fenix: Are you wounded?

Prescott: Yes, but I...

Fenix: Then you stay here, and you don't move under we get back. Understood?

Prescott: I'll try not to get myself killed, Sergeant.

Fenix: Yeah, you do that. I'm not the conversational type. But when I get back, I want a nice long chat.

Anya: I'll come back and give you first aid as soon as we've got the choppers away, okay?

Dom: We should have handcuffed him to a pipe. In case he does another disappearing act.

Fenix: He's not going anywhere without his chopper.

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