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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 2 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 2 of Act 1 - "Abandon Ship" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Dom: Look out!

Marcus: Holy shit. What the hell's that?

Jace: It's not a stalk!

Anya: Look out! It's coming back!

Marcus: It's a goddamn Leviathan! Come on, people, give it everything you got!

Dom: Holy shit! How big is that thing?

Anya: Polyps!

Marcus: Come on, let's get up top and sink that bitch before we lose anyone else! Find the lift controls!

Dom: Throwing frag!

Marcus: Revive me!


Anya: Lambent!

Marcus: Scratch one glowie!

Anya: Get 'em off me!

Marcus: Oh, no, you don't.

Everybody on the lift!

Anya: Smell that smoke?

Man 1: Prepare to evacuate! All nonessential personnel, report to lifeboats immediately! Prepare to evacuate!

Jace: That doesn't sound good.

Dom: Yo, the whole deck's on fire! Come on, flood it! If it spreads, we'll lose the fuel tanks!

Marcus: Find a valve and get the irrigation pumps going!


We're blocked off! Open the water valve!

That's one! We need to open two more!

Jace: Look out! There's more Lambent on deck!

Marcus: Lambent!

Anya: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: Another dead glowie!

Jace: We're cut off! Find the water valve!

Marcus: All right, that's two! One more to go!

Jace: Hey, get out of there! Those tanks are gonna blow!

Ah, dammit!

Marcus: That thing can't take a hint!

Anya: Everyone okay?

Jace: We must be in engineering. Miracle we didn't get killed.

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