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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 2 (3 of 3)

Beat Chapter 2 of Act 1 - "Abandon Ship" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Cole: Marcus-whoo! That's one big ugly motherfucker.

Fenix: Cole, can you see this shit? Where's your bird?

Cole: Baby, we got a grandstand view. We're crossing the bridge, right above the ship.

Fenix: Any way you can kill this thing from where you are?

Cole: Putting it scientifically? We need to blow his brains out his ass!

Fenix: Well get Baird to come up with an idea. Come on! We've got to find a way back up to the flight deck.

Announcer: All lifeboats away! I repeat, all lifeboats away!

Santiago: This way, I think we can get through here.

Fenix: Watch the tentacles. Look out! It's smashing through the deck! Lambent! Infected piece of shit!

Santiago: Goddammit! More polyps! Watch it, they jump!

Woman: It's biting through the hull!

Santiago: Polyps!

Fenix: Nice! Okay, let's get up top before that thing comes back.

Cole: Marcus, while you were taking a break, the blond genius had an idea. Can you lure that bitch to the front end so we can give it a headache?

Fenix: Animals just love me. Stand by, Cole. We're gonna need a bigger cattle prod. Let's use the two Silverbacks in the maintenance bay.

Santiago: Marcus! Run! That thing's gonna flatten us!

Fenix: Okay, the two Silverbacks are in that bay. Let's get the door open!

Santigo: Oh my God!

Fenix: It's back! Get that thing off the ship. Come on, brass it up!

Santiago: Go for the eyes! Keep shooting till it moves!

Stratton: Oh, that's nasty!

Fenix: Hold it off! Shoot it in the face!

Man: It's overheating.

Woman: Polyps!

Stratton: Where'd it go? You think it's given up?

Fenix: It's probably getting its second wind.

Woman: Polyps!

Man: It's overheating.

Fenix: Come on! Drive it up front! Keep firing!

Santiago: Aw shit, we're cornered! That thing's smarter than it looks! We've got to get it right under the bridge! Keep shooting!

Stratton: It's almost there! Keep firing!

Fenix: Aim for its mouth. Shoot it! Oh, I'm sorry! Did that hurt?

Woman: Polyps! Lambent! Fire in the hole! There! It's dead center, right under the bridge. Now or never, Marcus!

Fenix: Cole, you got one pissed Leviathan in position! You ready?

Cole: Yo, give us a minute!

Fenix: Tell Baird he's just blowing shit up, not writing a goddamn symphony!

Cole: Yeah, but we got our own problems up here.

Fenix: Cole, you're gonna be scraping us up in a bucket if you can't get a move on!

Cole: Well find some cover fast, or else you going to be swimming in some glowie gravy!

Baird: Yo! Bombs away!

Fenix: Duck and cover, Delta!

Santiago: Baird's dropping tickers!

Fenix: What the hell is he thinking? Run!

Baird: Hey, I thought you'd enjoy the witty irony of Grub-on-Glowie violence!

Fenix: Yeah, fucking hilarious! You're gonna blow up the whole ship, genius!

Santiago: Get clear!

Fenix: Jump!

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