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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 3 (1 of 5)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 3 of Act 1 - "Homecoming" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Woman: Hey, Carmine, you all right? You're awfully quiet.

Carmine: Someone's gotta be with Baird yapping all the time.

Woman: Oh, I could gag him if you like. Be my treat.

Baird: Ah, remind me why we thought Hanover was a good place to look for supplies.

Cole: Baby, you gotta trust the Cole Train to find the goods. This is my turf! Cougar's territory!

Baird: Yeah, 'cause that's gonna count for a lot right now. Okay, Seven Zero, we'll call you back if we find something.

Seven Zero: Roger that. Good hunting.

Woman: So this is home, eh, Cole?

Carmine: Classy, has it changed much since you been away?

Cole: Hey, the whole damn world looks like this. Let's move out.

Baird: Whoa, whoa. Take a look over there. I'm guessing that used to be a Stranded outpost.

Woman: Ugh. Somehow I don't think he died of natural causes.

Carmine: Oh, really, doctor?

Woman: Yeah, call it a woman's intuition.

Baird: Told you this was gonna be a waste of time.

Cole: There's gotta be more outposts around here. Let's keep looking.

Cole: Dibs!

Baird: I'm telling you, this place is crawling with freaks. You know what stalks mean. Polyps.

Woman: We haven't seen polyps for months. Relax. Oh, Baird, look! That house over there. I can see us. You and me, couple of kids, a dog.

Baird: Yeah! And a great big bottle of suicide pills.

Woman: Well, that'll save me poisoning your dinner.

Baird: Yeah, you'll miss me one day.

Woman: Only if somebody bumps my elbow.

Baird: Ha, ha, ha.

Cole: Whoa!

Man: Hey, you down there, step into the light and do it slow! Try anything dumb and we'll blow your heads off!

Cole: Everybody chill. Relax, my man! Safety's on!

Man: Hey, it's the COG coming to civilize us! Oh, whoopee!

Cole: Yo, we're all in the same boat. We just wanna trade for some food.

Man: Well, we ain't got any spare food. And if we did, we wouldn't be trading it with you COG assholes. Ooooh, I'll give ya a side of bacon for her, though.

Carmine: Ohhh bacon.

Baird: Hey, take the deal, Cole. I haven't had bacon in six months.

Cole: Thanks but no thanks. Any other camps around?

Man: Some. You can try the warehouse down at the pier. Or the stadium. 'Course, you gotta get past all the glowies first, but you hairy-assed heroes can breeze through all that shit!

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