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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 3 (5 of 5)

Beat Chapter 3 of Act 1 - "Homecoming" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Man 1: Nothing back here but another door.

Cole: Well, let's check out.

Man 1: Shit. There's a locker in the way.

Cole: Okay, start looking for a way to move it.

Sam: Nice! That's handy.

Man 2: Not you. I know what happens when you let an angry chick loose with a mechanical loader.

Man 1: Hey, we might be in luck for a change! This stuff could be usable!

Cole: Cole to KR-Seven-Zero we request a grocery evac. We struck gold, son.

Man 3: Roger that. The LZ's crawling with glowies, though. Give us a hand clearing them out. Will you? We'll drop a smoke to mark the pickup area.

Cole: You got it. Come on, let's get this stuff outside. Look what we got here!

Sam: Now, let's kick a door open and get the supplies outside.

Man 1: Hey, I see the green smoke!

Man 2: Another stalk! Let's have some covering fire!

Man 1: Those things are going to be all over us. Let's clear the LZ and get this stuff to the pickup point fast.

Sam: Come on! We need to move this car!

Cole: Let's use the loader! It's go time, baby! Drudges!

Man 1: Need ammo.

Sam: I'm out!

Man 1: It's mutating!

Cole: Oh yeah!

Man 2: Fire in the hole!

Cole: Can't stop this!

Sam: Incoming stalk!

Man 1: Drudges!

Cole: Can't stop this!

Man 1: It's empty!

Man 3: That's the last of them. Let's drop the supplies and bug out! That van's in the way!

Sam: Nothing the loader can't handle!

Man 1: Come on! Get the suppliers to the smoke!

Sam: Okay, KR-Seven-Zero, you're clear for the pickup!

Man 3: KR-Seven-Zero, load secure. Cole, get your guys out of here! We'll cover you.

Cole: You heard the man. Time to love them and leave them, baby!

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