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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 4 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 4 of Act 1 - "Helping Hand" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Byrne: Cole, the Lambent are overrunning Hanover. You want to call it a day?

Cole: We still got to go check out the warehouse and the stadium.

Damon: Oh, of course, the stadium. You're not making a pilgrimage or anything are ya?

Cole: Hey, I'm just being thorough. Wow!

Damon: That doesn't look safe.

Cole: Come on, let's just get through here fast as we can.

Damon: Whoa, not good. Definitely not good.

Cole: Keep moving!

Byrne: Well, that was fun.

Cole: Whoa, you hear that? Better see if someone needs a hand.

Damon: Yeah, I'd say they need some backup.

Cole: Contact! Freaks ahead!

Byrne: Whoa! Watch out for that gunk it's throwing around!

Damon: Incoming!

Cole: Ahh! That shit burns! Dammit! Come get me! Another stalk. Let's move up. Oh yeah!

Damon: Fire in the hole!

Byrne: More Lambent. Take out the stalk.

Cole: She's empty. Incoming! Don't mind if I do.

Damon: Target the pods.

Cole: Incoming! It's go time, baby!

Damon: Incoming! Cease fire, asshole! Watch the arms! Incoming!

Byrne: I need ammo. Shoot the pods!

Cole: Whoop!

Byrne: Incoming!

Cole: Revive me!

Carmine: Could use a hand! Stalk breaking through. Focus fire.

Cole: Target the pod!

Damon: Fire in the hole! Watch the arms!

Cole: Yeah, sorry, another dead glowie. Don't mind if I do. All clear. Now let's go talk to the nice people.

Damon: Yeah, can't wait.

Cole: Remember, we ain't no different from them, Damon. We're all trying to get by the best we can.

Man: Ah, stinking Lambent.

Damon: Jeez Louise, what the fuck?

Byrne: Hey, check fire. We're on your side.

Man: Ha, sorry.

Woman: Well, there's a surprise. The armored wonders turning out to save us.

Damon: Don't you people ever try gratitude? Just to break up the frigging monotony of sarcasm?

Byrne: Don't mind him. Someone stole his teddy when he was little. Is everyone okay?

Woman: Yeah, thanks for the help. We owe ya. Hey, you're him, aren't you? You're Augustus Cole. Cole Train! What brings you back here?

Cole: Hey, surprised you remember me, baby. Just passing through looking for food. If you got any to trade, the Cole Train would sure appreciate that.

Woman: All right, come on in. We haven't got any food to spare, but we might have something else you need. I meant supplies.

Man: Good thing I wear a helmet.

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