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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 4 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 4 of Act 1 - "Helping Hand" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Woman 1: This way, folks.

Cole: Hey, we're headin' for the stadium. Anything we should know?

Woman1: Well, it ain't empty.

Man 1: Cole Train! I'll be damned!

Baird: We kind of guessed as much.

Woman 1: Let's just say that the boss over there ain't a COG fan. You might just want to take a detour around her.

Cole: Well, where there's people, there's supplies.

Woman 1: Hey, you're the Cole Train! Maybe you'll be able to work your magic on 'em. Hanover is still your house.

Woman 1: Funny how there's a lot more Lambent around as soon as the COG shows up...

Woman 2: Must be their fan club. You know who the big guy is, don'tcha?

Sam: So, what have you got for us, then? Shampoo, conditioner, a gag for my friend here?

Woman 1: Nah, just ammo. It's out in the back.

Baird: Now that's my kind of groceries!

Man 2: Wow! Is it really you, Cole Train?

Cole: Hey there, how ya doing?

Baird: Ugh. I wonder if they've got a bucket I can throw up in?

Woman 3: Cole Train... Hi, Cole Train.

Baird: So where did you get a hold of it?

Woman 1: Well, now, you'd be surprised how much y'all left lyin' around over the years.

Not much further.

Man 4: So! Cole Train is back!

Cole: Hey! How's it goin'?

Woman 4: I can't believe it! It's him! Cole Train!

Cole: Nice to see ya! It's good to be back!

Don't mind if I do.

Woman 1: There you go. All it's missin' is a bow.

Sam: Michaelson's gonna be well pleased with this. Nice one, Cole.

Cole: That's real generous of you, ma'am. We appreciate it.

Woman 1: You are welcome, Cole Train.

Baird: Yeah, seems your fans still love you.

Cole: It's because my momma taught me some manners, son.

Baird: Baird to KR-Seven-Zero. We got a bumper crop of ammo for pickup.

KR70: This is KR-Seven-Zero, roger that. Uh, heads up, guys. There's some joker on Centennial Bridge taking pot shots from a gun turret. We're givin' it a wide berth. Suggest you watch your six as well.

Baird: Oh, trust me, I'm on permanent guard around these assholes! Baird out.

Cole: Okay! Next stop, Cougars Stadium! I'm feelin' lucky!

Yo, by the gate - can you open it up, please?

'Preciate that!

Baird: You're so good with the fans.

Carmine: Watch the stalks!

Baird: Great! More Lambent. Still feeling lucky, Cole?

Carmine: Drudges!

Cole: Oh, yeah!

Baird: Incoming!

These ugly bastards are really starting to piss me off!

Cole: Scratch one glowie!

Baird: Shoot the head!

Cole: What, you want my autograph, bitches?!

Baird: Incoming!

Carmine: Incoming!

Cole: Lambent!

Baird: Drudges!

Carmine: Incoming!

Baird: Incoming!

Sam: I need ammo.

Cole: Throwing frag!

Sam: Watch the head!

Cole: Which one of you freaks is next?

Sam: It looks like we're gonna have to cut through here.

Cole: Oh, I think I'll take that!

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