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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 6 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 6 of Act 1 - "Hanging By A Thread" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter Gears of War 3.


Carmine: Watch it!

Cole: Oh, you think you can stop the Cole Train!

Sam: Well, glad to see that coming home didn't depress you.

Cole: Hey, you can't keep the Cole Train down, baby! I'm a force of nature! Whoo!

Ha Ha! This shit just never gets old!

Let's see if we can get around this way.

Carmine: Damn it! That ship's going to be 20 klicks away by the time we get across this bridge!

Sam: Oh, Carmine, you're a glass-half-empty man, aren't you?

Carmine: Buy me a beer, and I'll show you.

Baird: Oh, she won't buy you anything. Your name is not Dom.

Sam: Shut your hole, Baird.

Cole: Shit! We got to try another route. Come on, in here.

Carmine: Okay, lower deck or the catwalk?

Cole: Sam, let's take the catwalk. Baird, you and Carmine take the lower deck.

Baird: That's the only catwalk Sam's ever going to be on.

Sam: When this is over, Baird, I'm going to raise your voice an octave.

Carmine: Cole, can you see anything yet?

Cole: One sec.

Carmine, we see the ship. She's on fire!

Carmine: Roger that. Better get our ass in gear!

I'm out!

Cole: Oh, no. Oh . . . Oh, hell no!

Sam: Fire in the hole!

Cole: The Cole Train just takes what he wants!

Carmine: Hold!

Cole: Marcus, whoo, that's one big ugly motherfucker!

Marcus: Cole, can you see this shit?

Cole: Baby, we got a grandstand view. We're crossing the bridge, right above the ship.

Marcus: Any way you can kill this thing from where you are?

Cole: Putting it scientifically? We need to blow his brains out of his ass.

Marcus: Well, get Baird to come up with an idea.

Baird: No problem. I've killed glowie Leviathans before, remember? At Vectes dockyard. Saved your asses.

Sam: You killed one, a baby. And you wrecked the harbor doing it. That one's twice the size!

Baird: So what's your plan? Nag it to death? Wait a minute, you actually could!

Carmine: Look, ladies, one way or another, we've got to help Sovereign. Or she's screwed, and so are we!

Baird: Ah, shit! There go the guns!

Cole: Anyone got a Plan B? Because now would be a good time!

Baird: Okay, the grubs must have plenty of ordinance here. You find it, I'll make it go bang.

Cole: Tickers!

Sam: Throwing Frag!

Carmine: Hey, that'll do the job. Find some more Tickers! Drop, splat, bang, end of story!

Sam: Yeah, if they don't kill us first.

Carmine: Tickers!

Dead grub!

Cole: Tickers!

Mortars! Get Down!

Sam: Hey, Baird! We could use one of those!

Baird: No, a mortar would just piss of a Leviathan that size.

Cole: Okay, Let's just kill the mortar crew and find that stash of Tickers!

Baird: Hey! Take cover in the containers!

Carmine: Hey, what the fuck is that? A floating Locust barge?

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