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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 1 Chapter 6 (3 of 3)

Beat Chapter 6 of Act 1 - "Hanging By A Thread" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Baird: Ooh, big slow target full of gas. Is it my birthday?

Cole: Uh-uh. I call dibs on that!

Baird: Who says this job can't be fun?

Cole: Whoo! That was beautiful, baby!

Baird: All right, now can I have my Tickers, please?

Carmine: Hello, Baird, we're looking. We're looking!

Cole: Ha-ha! Thanks, ugly-ass! Polyps! Shit, we got glowies joining the party again? Any more of you puppies want some? Whoo-hoo! The Cole Train's on a roll, baby!

Carmine: Incoming!

Cole: Ah yeah, I got enough for all y'all! Uh huh. I'm locked and loaded!

Carmine: Oh yeah! There's your Tickers!

Cole: Okay, Baird, time to impress us!

Baird: Yeah, great, no pressure. Okay, if we hit the sweet spot, it'll be good night, Leviathan. Can they get it to move right beneath us?

Cole: Marcus, while you were taking a break the blonde genius had an idea.

Marcus: You so need me.

Cole: Can you lure that bitch to the front end so we can give it a headache?

Marcus: Animals just love me. Stand by, Cole.

Byrne: Oh! The bridge feels like it's on its last legs!

Carmine: Yeah, that Leviathan isn't helping!

Cole: Snipers!

Carmine: Incoming!

Cole: We got some more! Oh yeah!

Baird: You want some?

Cole: Hey, got one, baby! Ah yeah, I got enough for all y'all! Frag-out! Can't stop this!

Carmine: Behind us!

Marcus: Cole, you got one pissed Leviathan in position! You ready?

Cole: Give us a minute!

Carmine: Aah, tell Baird he's just blowing shit up, not writing a goddamn symphony!

Baird: You know what? Tell him I'm being a genius as fast as I can.

Cole: Yeah, but we got our own problems up here.

[Inaudible 00:05:10]

Marcus: Cole, you're going to be scraping us up in a bucket if you don't get a move on!

Cole: Find some cover fast, or your ass going to be . . .

Baird: Now! Bombs away! And all that shit. Hey, I thought you'd enjoy the witty irony of Grub-on-Glowie violence!

Marcus: Yeah, it's fucking hilarious! You're gonna blow up the whole ship, genius!

Cole: Jump for it!

Carmine: No point! We're so dead!

Baird: I suppose you want me to say I've always loved you. But I don't. I really, really don't!

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