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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 2 Chapter 1 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 1 of Act 2 - "Shipwreck" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Carmine: Uh... I think you got it Baird.

Baird: Hey we walked away in one piece. That's what counts, right?

Cole: Yeah, firing on all pistons baby. Marcus, you okay? Dom? Speak to me! Where are y'all?

Carmine: Look sharp, people. That's not search and rescue!

Cole: Come on, we gotta haul ass! We gotta get to the ship before that freak parade does! Whoa, those are different! No explosives!

Baird: Any bets on their part trick?

Cole: So hot! Let's mop up this shit an get to Sovereign! We got some more! C'mon, the ship needs us! Which one of you freaks is next?

Baird: I'm out!

Cole: Here come some more! Can't stop this!

Carmine: Throwing frag!

Baird: I'm out!

Byrne: Come on. We've still got survivors out there! Move it!

Cole: Don't mind if I do. You're out!

Carmine: Incoming!

Byrne: Throwing smoke!

Cole: So hot! Poor ol' lady. Not looking too good. Looks like we found 'em. Cough it up, baby!

Marcus: Dom! Is he okay?

Byrne: Come on, Santiago, breathe!

Dom: Damn it! Oh, God!

Byrne: He is now.

Marcus: Anya? Jace? Respond, over... Come on, dammit, answer me!

Anya: Marcus? I'm with Jace, near the ship. I need some help with Prescott, or he's not going to make it.

Cole: I heard Prescott. Tell me that's just my old head injury.

Baird: Prescott?

Marcus: What, do we got a echo here or something? Yeah, Prescott's back, Michaelson's dead, and my father's alive. Film at 11. Anya, we're comin' to get you!

Anya: There's a lot more wounded coming ashore, too, Marcus. We need someone to help out at the lifeboats. They're beached just north of the ship.

Marcus: You got it. Sam and Carmine are on their way.

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