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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 2 Chapter 1 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 1 of Act 2 - "Shipwreck" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Baird: Whoa! Nasty! Those little shits can dig under cover! Did you see that? Flank them! Marcus, flank right! I'm hit! Flank right!
Flank them! Nice!

Marcus: Who's next? Lock and Load!

Baird: Down in front! Boomer!

Cole: Ah yeah! I got enough for all of you! What's the matter? Not feeling good?!

Marcus: Sweet! Nice! You want some? Whoopee, we found the circus parade...

Cole: Shit! They look like giant turkeys!

Marcus: Whoa, they've turned them into catapults. Man, those grubs are twisted!

Baird: More grenades, look out! Okay, one down, but there's still two more out there! Let's take them out before they destroy what's left of the ship!

Cole: Damn! That turkey's accurate! How the hell do these grubs think of this freaky shit?

Baird: That's two! Shit, Brumak!

Cole: Gobble, gobble, gobble motherfucker!

Baird: We're clear! Move out!

Marcus: All right, people, let's find them! I need Prescott alive.

Baird: All this going on and we're worried about Prescott?

Man: Prescott knows where Marcus's dad is. Whoa, that's going to be one ugly can of worms.

Marcus: Save your strength, Baird. I'm going to need you to recover a message for me. Ah! Come on!

Baird: Enemy reinforcements! Grenades! Look out! Incoming frag! Damn, that kid's got some balls. We're coming, Jace!

Jace: Hey! The cavalry finally showed up!

Marcus: Let's get down there.

Woman: Oh thank God, anyone got a hemostat dressing? I'm out. Dom, give me a hand. Press down here and hold it. Don't expect too much conversation. One lung is collapsed. His chest cavity is filling up.

Marcus: Can you hear me?

Prescott: I hear you, Sergeant... Where is that chat you promised me?

Marcus: Where is my goddamn father?

Prescott: The disc... Azura.

Marcus: And I'm supposed to know what that is?

Prescott: No, it's a research facility. He's been working there. Queen Myrrah captured it days ago.

Marcus: God damn you! Where is Azura?!

Woman: Marcus. Come on.

Prescott: Encryption. That old bastard. He'll be furious.

Woman: He's gone. Maybe there's something else in your father's message. We've got to find a data reader.

Carmine: Who was he talking about?

Baird: Hoffman. The bastard is Hoffman.

Marcus: Spit it out.

Baird: Look, Hoffman has been hanging on to that data disc he stole from the Prescott back on Vectes. All those goddamn months I spent trying to crack the encryption for him, we still didn't have a frigging clue what was on it. Well I bet it's the data on Azura and that unlocks it. We have to get it to Hoffman and crack that disk.

Woman: But he's at Anvil Gate. That's a hell of a long journey, Marcus.

Cole: I hate to interrupt, people, but we got visitors!

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