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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 2 Chapter 3

Beat Chapter 3 - "Forced Entry" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Man 1: See, that's what happens when you flood their tunnels. They rebuild anywhere they can.

Man 2: Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird to see 'em up here strollin' around. They ain't the kind for a day at the beach.

Man 3: Seems like they've dug themselves a new home. They must be excavating the whole area! Hey, that barge looks like it's settin' down. Anyone up for a hijack?

Man 4: Yeah, first-class to Anvil Gate? Let's do it! Shit, he's heading for the horn!

Man 1: Take out any guards before they sound the alarm!

Man 3: Contact.

Man 1: Stop him before he sounds the horn! Let's try that side entrance. Lock and load. The side gate's clear. Okay, go.

Man 4: That's what Hoffman would call a serious lack of vigilance.

Man 2: We better start liberatin' some supplies!

Man 1: This'll do. This must lead into the main compound.

Man 3: Ah, crap! Ah, at least we didn't walk into a hail of instant death!

Man 4: Yeah. If we don't take out those gun turrets, that comes next. Hostiles! Look out!

Man 2: We got some more!

Man 3: That all you got?

Man 1: C'mon, let's dance!

Man 4: You want some of this?

Man 1: Grenadier.

Man 3: Take it!

Man 2: Oh, hell, yeah! They gotta stop handing us toys to play with!

Man 4: Yeah, that's more like it!

Man 1: Enemy reinforcements.

Man 2: Theron! Eat it!

Man 4: Fire in the hole! Drone! Looks dead enough to me.

Man 3: Nice!

Man 1: Well...that was character-forming.

Man 2: You've got to hand it to them grubs- they build to last!

Man 4: So, any idea where we are now?

Man 1: Um... in the shit. Up to here.

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