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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 2 Chapter 5

Beat Chapter 5 - "Hijack" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Marcus: Just light them up and get moving before we lose the barges! That's why we're here!

Man: Next!

Marcus: Guards!

Marcus: Here comes some more!

Marcus: Come on, you want some of this?

Man: Looks dead enough to me.

Man: Marcus, we've got Queen's guards roping from the barge!

Man: Marcus, how about hijacking one of those barges?

Marcus: They're not close enough. Let's just clear them out and get to the tower.

Man: Oh, shit! I got some on me!

Man: Looks dead to me.

Man: Digger!

Marcus: Guards!

Marcus: Grenadier!

Marcus: Scratch one grub.

Marcus: I need ammo.

Marcus: Ah, shit!

Man: Get it off me!

Marcus: Okay, we're clear. Let's get to the tower.

Man: Marcus, it figures the queen would be behind all of this.

Marcus: Yeah, it's her we're going to have to deal with. One way or another.

Man: Hey, there's the landing tower.

Marcus: Yeah, now let's get up there.

Marcus: Last chance to grab that thing and get the fuck out of here.

Man: It's got to come in close. Everyone up for boarding it?

Man: Oh, yeah, it's pirate time, baby!

Man: More Queen's guards coming down!

Marcus: Who's next?!

Man: Guards!

Marcus: Dammit! We can't get close enough to grab it!

Man: Oh, that smells bad. What are these guys made of, shit?

Man: Aw, looks like you got a boo-boo. Go tell your momma.

Marcus: Come on.

Marcus: Let's get out of here.

Man: This is the last time I fly with a budget airline...

Man: Okay, ladies and gentleman, if you look over the side, you might see Anvil Gate, the lovely historic city of Anvegad... It is lovely, right?

Man: Huh. Even Sam says it's the ass-end of the world... and it's her hometown.

Man: So it's got to be Myrrah that's holding your dad, Marcus.

Marcus: And now she knows I'm coming for him.

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