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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 2 Chapter 6

Beat Chapter 6 - "Airborne" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Man: Baird, you sure this thing's still on course?

Baird: Look, I programmed the course Sam gave us. You want a coloring book or something? Pencils? Look, something shiny!

Cole: You kids better behave. Don't make me turn thing around.

Fenix: Baird, how long before we're in radio range of Anvil Gate?

Baird: We're past the halfway mark. Ooh, maybe Hoffman will have coffee ready!

Cole: Oh, yeah, and some cookies too.

Fenix: Someone's taking a pounding out there.

Dizzy: I'm holding them off as best I can. Anyone picking this up? Hey, this is Truck Fifty-Four. I need some help fast, or else I'm going to be kissing my ass goodbye!

Fenix: I don't believe it. That you, Dizzy?

Dizzy: Marcus Fenix! Well, I'll be damned! Where are you, son?

Fenix: We're on our way, Dizzy. See the extra barge coming in? That's us.

Dizzy: You jacked a grub barge? Damn, Marcus, you got some hangers on you!

Fenix: Hangers. Son of a bitch. We'll get those grubs off your back. Hang on.

Hey, looks like they're carrying ammo crates! You thinking what I'm thinking?

Baird: Let's target them and see what happens.

Fenix: Good call, Baird!

Baird: Woah ho! Two in a row-nice shooting!

Fenix: Baird, get this thing as close to the ground as you can. We're going in.

Baird: Just in case it decides to go exploring without us.

Fenix: You taking on the grub army single-handed again, Dizzy?

Dizzy: I guess I should have learned my lesson against Skorge!

Baird: Yeah, suck it!

Fenix: Well, it looks like you learned plenty!

Cole: Which one of you freaks is next?

Fenix: Heads up! We've got a Reaver!

Dizzy: Take out that Buzzard!

Baird: Lock and load!

Cole: Throwing frag!

Fenix: Okay, we're clear.

Dizzy: I wasn't expecting to run into you boys again! Come on, help me move some of this ammo before the goddamn grubs come back!

I found a stash back here before the grubs jumped me. Fort needs every round we can get.

Fenix: Dizzy, we've come to find Hoffman. Last time we saw you, you were both heading for Anvil Gate.

Dizzy: Yeah, he's got the fort fitted out real nice! I drive this route trading supplies with other camps. When I can slip past the goddamn grubs, that is.

Baird: But has he still got Prescott's data disc? You know, the one I could never crack? Because we really need it.

Dizzy: Sure he has! He's still cussing about it! Hey, you found the magic word to open it?

Fenix: Long story. Let's grab the supplies and go.

Cole: Now, this is more like it! Some serious stopping power!

Fenix: Grab whatever you can carry, and let's get back to the barge.

Ah, shit, more Reavers and guards!

Cole: Guards! Whoo-hoo! Here's one for your stank-ass queen, bitch!

Baird: You're a pretty good shot for a Stranded, Dizzy.

Fenix: Come on. Lock and load!

Cole: Which one of you freaks is next?

Dizzy: Heads up! The buzzards are dropping more grubs!

Fenix: Taking fire! Not good!

Baird: Up there!

Dizzy: Reaver!

Fenix: I need ammo.

Dizzy: Well, we cleared out the buzzards!

Fenix: Okay, then let's bug out while we can. Get to the barge!

Come on Baird, you're driving.

Baird: You... you can't drive this. You admire the view and hope the nav program works.

Dizzy: I don't give a shit. It's good enough for me!

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