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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 3 Chapter 1 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 1 of Act 3 - "Unbreakable" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Hoffman: It's been a long time, Fenix. I'm guessing you didn't come all this way to inquire about my health.

Fenix: No, we've got something for you. The key for Prescott's data disc.

Hoffman: Well, you must think it's pretty damn urgent. Hell, I'd almost given up on the damn thing.

Fenix: Yeah. It contains information where Prescott's holding my father. Azura. Ring any bells with you?

Hoffman: What in the hell do you mean, holding your father?

Fenix: I got a message from him. He didn't get killed after all. Prescott had him kidnapped.

Hoffman: Dear God almighty, and all that shit's on the disc? Well, where'd you get the key?

Fenix: Prescott handed it to me today, just before he died.

Hoffman: Well, Fenix, I have no goddamn idea what to say. And that's a first for me.

Bernie: Contact. Run to the front gates. All personnel, stand to your positions.

Fenix: I'll fill you in after we've dealt with our visitors.

Hoffman: Load up and meet me at the front gate.

Male: We've got enemies incoming!

Hoffman: I'll be damned if I'll let those bastards take this fort!

Male: Grab some weapons and get to the front gate!

Hoffman: Bernie, you're on ops. Get on the PA system and call it out!

Bernie: Okay, will do.

Male: Lambents are coming!

Bernie: All personnel stand, too. Hold the front gates. We've got a whole front battalion out there, people.

Male: Get to the shelter. Everybody!

Male: Come on, let's go.

Hoffman: Never seen this many of them out here before.

Fenix: Well, I think we might have pissed them off. We ran into the queen.

Hoffman: She's alive? Goddamnit. Fenix...

Male: Incoming!

Hoffman: Any more shocks you want to share with me?

Fenix: Not yet.

Female: Hurry!

Male: Fire at will!

Male: Incoming!

Fenix: Great, it overheated!

Cole: Marcus, if we don't hold those gates, those grubs are gonna be all over us!

Male: Enemy reinforcements!

Female: Oh my God! We're losing people!

Male: Eat it!

Male: Enemy reinforcements!

Male: Grinder!

Male: Smoke out!

Male: We gotta hold this fort.

Male: It's too hot.

Male: They're everywhere!

Male: Take that!

Male: If they keep this up, they're gonna breach the gates!

Male: Nice!

Male: It's overheated.

Male: There's too many!

Male: Heads up! Catapults!

Male: Siege Beast!

Male: Fire team, front wall!

Male: Those gates ain't gonna hold much longer!

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