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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 3 Chapter 1 (2 of 2)

Beat Chapter 1 of Act 3 - "Unbreakable" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Man: Fall back! They've breached the outer courtyard! Come on! Move!

Bernie: All personnel, the front gate has been breached! Fall back and regroup at the second gate. I repeat, the second gate. Concentrate fire on the outer courtyard.

Man: I thought nobody ever got past the defenses here!

Hoffman: They didn't but that was the Pendulum Wars.

Man: You still got Hammer of Dawn control, Colonel? You know, the big, dangerous one?

Hoffman: I do, but the targeting system is screwed. We can't risk it.

Fenix: Medic! Good to go.

Dom: We've got some more.

Cole: Ah yeah! I've got enough for all of you!

Bernie: [inaudible 00:02:15]

Man: Keep them out! Hold that gate!

Cole: Yo, bitches! Put those goddamn shields down and just let me kill you! Hey, I promise I'll kill you fast. The Cole Train is humane, bitch!

Fenix: Come on, drop them!

Cole: Yeah, we're dropping them, but they've invited all of their cousins!

Hoffman: God dammit, they're going to overrun us! Fall back!

Bernie: The second gate is down! [inaudible 00:02:57] the inner courtyard! Everybody, fall back to the third gate! Concentrate fire on the inner courtyard!

Fenix: Come on.

Man: Here comes some more.

Fenix: Revive me!

Cole: Dig in, baby! We're going into overtime!

Bernie: Take cover! Move in to the gate!

Hoffman: They're going for the garage! Man those turrets!

Bernie: All personnel, they've breached the last gate! Fall back and defend the garage!

Man: Pin them down in the garage! We can't let them get any further!

Fenix: Revive me! Lock and load!

Man: It's too hot!

Man: Enemy reinforcements!

Bernie: All personnel, prepare the last resort. I repeat, prepare the last resort!

Man: "Last resort"? What's she talking about, "last resort"?

Hoffman: Bernie's going to push the reserve fuel tank into the yard and we're going to blow it sky high! That'll stop these assholes!

Fenix: Up there!

Hoffman: Wait for it. Wait for it. Now!

Fenix: Concentrate fire on that fuel tank! Revive me!

Man: Done.

Man: You want some?!

Dom: Here comes some more!

Hoffman: Fire in the hole!

Fenix: Nice!

Hoffman: Take that!

Man: That's the last of them. For awhile, anyway.

Hoffman: Yea, probably just long enough to get rid of the smell of burning grub. Colonel, we'd better have that talk now.

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