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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 3 Chapter 2

Beat Chapter 2 - "Rescue" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Colonel: But that's downright unbelievable, even for that asshole!...So, this thing your dad's invented--it'll kill off the Lambent? What about the rest of the grubs.

Marcus: No guarantees. Just because they turn into Lambent doesn't mean it'll work on 'em. But we've still gotta find out where Azura is.

Baird: Shame about the Hammer. It's just what we need.

Colonel: Goddamn thing! It still triggers a few satellites, but forget about accuracy.

Baird: Hmm. Maybe I can fix that.

Colonel: Baird? Here's the disc! Amaze me.

Bernie, you are not gonna believe this shit!

Bernie: It'll have to wait, Vic. Is anyone monitoring the radio net? It's Sam and Anya, They're pinned down outside the perimeter.

Marcus: We're on it, Bernie. Come on, people, lock and load.

Colonel: I'll get someone to drive the truck for ya.

Bernie: What, did I miss something, Blondie?

Baird: Uh...I'll let your old man fill you in. Just keep an eye on his blood pressure. Stay calm, deep breaths, that kind of stuff, okay?

Colonel: Cole, with me. Dom, you and Bernie get up there and give us some cover while Baird works on the Hammer.

Anya, we're coming' to get you! Are you okay? Where's Jace?

Anya: We're pinned down. Jace isn't here--he's on his way with Carmine.

Colonel: Okay, Anya, hold on!

Soldier: We'll give you covering fire! Go get 'em!

Yo, Marcus, I see the ladies--behind the Packhorse!

Look out! Digger!

Marcus! Are you okay? Marcus!

Come on! Get up!



Keep your head down!

Come on, fall back to the fort!

Marcus: I'll take those!

Soldier: Incoming stalks!

Shit, Marcus! Now the Lambent are joining the party!

Marcus: Let's just get everybody inside!

Soldiers: Shit! Those are my kills, bitch!

Let's dance.

Watch the head!

Hold still.


Don't get too close!

Marcus: Baird, we're bein' overrun with Lambent! Bring the Hammer online!

Baird: Okay, but you'd better get in here! We don't have full control!

Marcus: Just fire it up!

Soldiers: Shoot the pods!

Glowie piece of shit!

Fire in the hole!

Marcus: This'll do it.

Down in front.

Heads up!

Soldier: Uh, Marcus! That don't look good!

Look out!

Oh, shit!

Anya: Lambent Berserker!

Revive me!

Goddamn, you a ugly bitch!

Marcus: Baird, where's the damn Hammer?

Baird: The firing sequence has started! Hurry!

Colonel: We're running out of time, Marcus!

Marcus: Baird! We need that Hammer!

Baird: It's firing--now!

Marcus: Run! Everybody--get to the fort!

Anya: Revive me!

Cole: Did we fry that bitch?

Samantha: Looks that way.

Marcus: All right, everybody get inside. We've got unfinished business to --what the hell?

Go on, everybody, get to the rear of the fort! Run!

Cole: The hell is that flappy thing in her chest?!

Marcus: Ugh! Looks like her ribs opening! Okay, that's gotta be a weak spot! Aim for it!

Soldiers: Revive me!

Marcus: Wait until her ribs open! Aim for the heart!

Don't shoot until she's up close!

Soldiers: Yeah, you get cozy with her! I'll stand back!


Cole: Man, this is one tough bitch! Even for the Cole Train!

Hey, sexy baby, come on, mama! Come to the Cole Train!

Soldiers: Oh! I'm hit!

Could use a hand!

Cole: Game on, baby!

Colonel: She's leaking Imulsion! Keep clear!

Oh shit! Imulsion vapor!

Marcus: Everybody down, she's gonna blow!

Soldier: Hey man, whatcha doin'?

Baird: So, how was it for you?

Marcus: Are we done here? Come on, Baird, we got a job to do.

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