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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 3 Chapter 3

Beat Chapter 3 - "Breakneck Run" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Baird: There you go, Azura. No pictures, but plenty of data and maps. Knock yourself out.

Marcus: But it's an island. How the hell do you hide an island?

Victor: That's how! More of Prescott's top secret bull shit! What the hell is a Maelstrom Barrier?

Baird: It's some kind of shielding device. Wow, an artificial hurricane around the island! Hey, Prescott was really invested in the crazy-tyrant technology! I almost admire that. But it looks like the only way in is to go under it.

Victor: Well, there is an old sub laid up at the shipyard in Endeavor.

Baird: Yeah, if it is seaworthy. If you can get the motors running, and if you can fuel it.

Dizzy: Now son, that's where I come in. I' ex-merchant navy. I can fix it, drive it, and fuel it, if you can find a place to fill the tanker.

Dom: We can detour via Mercy or Char. I know Mercy, it's an Imulsion pumping station. Let's try there first.

Sam: You sure you want to go there?

Dom: What, because it is in Maria's hometown? I can handle that now and we need the fuel.

Marcus: Can't help noticing you haven't insisted on coming along, Colonel.

Victor: I didn't surrender this town in the last war, and I'll be damned if I'm going to abandon it to a bunch of glowie grubs now! Right, Bernie?

Bernie: Yeah, we're to old to run. We'll just sit on the front porch and blow the shit out of anything that moves.

Marcus: All right, Baird, Cole, you are going to go find reinforcement. Sub or no Sub, we'll be screwed if we don't get some kind of backup. We need transport, weapons, and anyone who can fight. Okay, let's roll.

Imulsion field ahead! Take it steady, people!

Jace: Marcus, there's no other route to Mercy. We're going to have to drive through that shit.

Dizzy: Heads up! We got buzzards coming in!

Anya: No choice now, Marcus. We have got to get out of here!

Marcus: Okay, hit the metal. Go, go, go!

Anya: Wreck up ahead! Look out!

Jace: We got a Reaver in the way! Come on, take it out!

Marcus: We've still got Reavers on our ass, people!

Jace: Reaver on the road! Shoot it!

Anya: Heads up! Reaver on the road!

Dizzy: Clear a path, let's go!

Dom: The highway's on the other side of those Imulsion pipelines.

Marcus: They're rusted to hell and full of vapor. Let's try blowing some holes in them! Brace for this, people, it's going to be close!

Anya: Well, that worked! We are going to crash if we don't make it there soon!

Marcus: That's our way out! Concentrated you fire!

Jace: Oh yeah, that's what I am talking about!

Marcus: Okay, let's see what else they've lined up for us.

Dom: Hey! Roadblock ahead!

Marcus: Dizzy, get in front and blow them out of the way!

Dizzy: Coming through! There goes my good-driver discount! Ah, damn! It's the crawlies!

Jace: They are just small ones. We can roll right over them.

Sam: Yeah, but where's their mother?

Jace: Shit, it's on the hood! Shoot it! Shoot it! Oh, shit! There she is!

Sam: Bloody hell!

Anya: Look out! We've got company!

Marcus: You're navigating, Dom. Where are we?

Dom: There's an airfield up ahead. Once we get there, it's a clear road to Mercy. Airport is right up ahead! See it?

Dizzy: Yup, and I'll open the door for us!

Marcus: How are you holding up, Dizzy?

Dizzy: I'm glad this rig's empty!

Marcus: Troika! Careful!

Jace: Grunt's up ahead! Shit, Marcus, I cant see past this hood ornament! Hold on!

Sam: That did the trick!

Dizzy: I am turning onto the runway now!

Anya: Troika!

Marcus: The hell those things doing? Shit! Jace, look out!

Jace: Goddammit it, we're trapped! We're stuck in the sand!

Marcus: Jace, get us out of here!

Jace: I'm trying. It won't move! Give me a sec!

Anya: Look out, we have got company!

Marcus: Okay, people, hold them off until we can get out of here! How's it coming, Jace?

Jace: Almost got it!

Marcus: Well, you better get it quick, because we're out of time!

Jace: Got it! We're moving!

Marcus: Go, go, go!

Anya: Brumak!

Marcus: Jace, look out for the rocket!

Jace: I am on it! How are we going to get past that? We can't bust through the barrier with with the Brumak there!

Marcus: But we could go over it!

Jace: Oh, yeah, I'm up for that one! Let's do it!

Anya: Hey! We're dragging razor wire!

Jace: Let's take his head off! Ooh, now that's got to hurt!

Dizzy: Dammit! This rig's got more holes in it than my shorts! We should be in Mercy in a few hours.

Marcus: Well, watch your six, people. We left a lot of pissed off grubs back here.

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