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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 3 Chapter 5 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 5 of Act 3 - "Brothers to the End" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter Gears of War 3.


Marcus: Thanks for the assist.

Man: Gears. You're the last people we expected to see.

Sam: Hey. Are you feeling okay?

Man: Fine, so far. But he's not looking too good.

Dom: Is this how it starts?

Man: Yeah. You seen this before? Because this ain't just rust-lung.

Marcus: Come on. We've got to get to that fuel pump!

Anya: Over the wall!

Dom: Coming under the wall! Coming under the wall! Over the wall!

Marcus: Over the wall!

Anya: On the roof!

Sam: They just keep coming!

Marcus: Okay, we're clear for now.

Dom: Looks like they rerouted the pipeline through the church. Let's go!

Sam: I am not going to end up like them. I bloody well am not.

Dom: You won't, Sam. I've got your back.

Anya: The grubs are going to be here soon, Marcus. We're running out of time to fuel up!

Marcus: All right. Let's find that pump and get the fuel flowing. Okay, that's it. Dom, we'll deal with the pump.

Dom: Thanks. But don't wait for me if anything goes wrong.

Marcus: Just make it fast.

Dom: Maria... Baby, I'm sorry I couldn't bring you home. But you're with the kids now. That's home, yeah? I'll see you all again one day. Look, Marcus is busy saving the world again, so I've got to be there for him. Sleep tight, sweetheart.

Marcus: Dizzy, the fuel's online. Stand by.

Dom: Somehow, I don't think that's the choir.

Marcus: We finish this bunch, and then we get the hell out of here, okay?

Dom: You think the old guy laid enough explosives to blow the town?

Sam: No, but it will put a big hole in it.

Marcus: Then we'll have to settle for slowing them down.

Sam: There's too many!

Marcus: Dizzy, we're done here. We're on our way. Dom, what's the fastest way back to the fuel station?

Dom: Just cut through the vaults under the church. It used to be an air raid shelter in the Pendulum Wars.

Sam: Better hope we've cleared out the Lambent.

Dom: Ugh! Smell those Imulsion fumes. Never used to be like this.

Sam: Hey, Marcus, your father thinks it's Imulsion that's killing Sera, right?

Marcus: Yeah. We killed to get the stuff. And now it's killing us.

Baird: Yo, Marcus. We got grubs up the highway!

Marcus: Is the tanker ready to roll?

Dizzy: She's still spewing fuel, Marcus. I can't plug all the leaks. She ain't going nowhere!

Marcus: Ah, shit! All right. Leave the damn thing. Get to the pickup!

Baird: Roger that. We'll be locked and ready to go.

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