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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 1 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 1 of Act 4 - "Ashes to Ashes" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Dizzy: That's it. We are out of gas.

Jace: Whoa, so this is Char. Damn. And people still live here after the Hammer strikes?

Dizzy: Yup! They're in there, son. But they ain't the welcoming kind.

Marcus: We are out of choices. We need the fuel, welcome or not. We've got to get to the shipyard. Dizzy, stay here and guard the truck. Okay. You can quit tiptoeing around me. He's dead. But he saved us. So we'll make sure he didn't die for nothing.

Oh, no.

Anya: Oh, God, they're people.

Jace: Yeah, kind of creepy. It's like this is what they were doing when the Hammer strikes hit.

Marcus: It's all that's left of them. Ash.

Jace: Shit man, look at them. They were running for their lives!

Sam: And they've lasted all these years.

Marcus: Yeah. This is a mass grave, people. Let's show what respect we can. Dizzy, there's nobody around so far. Nobody alive, anyway.

Dizzy: I can gua... Don't... risk!

Anya: Dizzy, you are breaking up. Damn. Lost him again. Okay, we better assume someone's got us in their sights.

Marcus: Look out!

Sam: Well, we cant say Dizzy didn't warn us.

Anya: Hello? Anyone there? Hey, we just want to trade! Guess not.

Marcus: Okay, stay sharp. Hey! Stop!

Sam: Look out!

Marcus: Shit!

Anya: They have rigged the whole place with traps!

Jace: He took off left! Around the corner!

Marcus: Follow that asshole! Don't lose him!

Jace: Shit, we had better keep an eye on the ash people. He could be anyone of them. Over there!

Sam: What is he pushing? What is that?

Marcus: Stay sharp. Anything could be a trap!

Jace: Goddammit! This guy is really starting to piss me off. You hear that, asshole? Aw, shit! Polyps! Look, that guy is out of his goddamn mind. I mean, how the hell does he even get them in there? A ton of polyps, what the fuck?

Anya: Let's take a look in here.

Jace: Hey, hey, guys, you hear that?

Marcus: Look out!

Jace: You fucking amateur, you think you can scare us off? Huh? We're Gears!

Marcus: Save your breath, Jace. Come on!

Jace: All right, all right. Sorry, Marcus.

Marcus: What the hell? We had better check that out. But carefully.

Sam: Oh, you bastard!

Jace: Now you see that shit there? That? That ain't funny? Is that him up there? Hey! Asshole!

Marcus: Aw shit, polyps!

Sam: Them damn things are everywhere now!

Jace: Well, that looks cozy. Think anyone's home?

Man: They are coming!

Marcus: Hey, hold your fire! Goddammit, we're Gears!

Anya: Maybe they can't hear you!

Marcus: Oh, they can hear me. I said hold your fire, you fucking assholes!

Jace: Oh boy, I don't like the sound of that!

Man: Shit! We've got stalks!

Marcus: Oh, yeah, sure, now you can fucking hear me!

Jace: Unbelievable. He's coming down. Let's see what this fucking asshole has got to say for himself.

Marcus: You got one chance. Don't piss me off!

Man: Griffin don't want no outsiders in this town, especially COG! You took a big risk coming here!

Anya: Look, all we want is fuel, and then we'll go. Is this Griffin willing to trade?

Man: Well, Lady, he might want to do business with you!

Marcus: Just take us to see him, little man. Now!

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