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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 1 (2 of 2)

Beat Chapter 1 of Act 4 - "Ashes to Ashes" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Ash Man: Great view from up here, COG. You can see the mess you made of the city! Folks around here haven't forgotten the Hammer strikes.

Sam: Listen, fuckstick, we just saved you from the glowies. We're still fighting and dying out there!

Ash Man: Whoa, sorry, lady! Just explaining how folks feel!

Marcus: Hey, tell me about Griffin.

Ash Man: Oh, he's the chief around here. Griffin Imulsion Corporation. Remember?

Marcus: Yeah. So you've got fuel.

Ash Man: Well, not since our last shipment went missing!

Sam: So you're not much use to us, then, are you?

Anya: Just find us some fuel, and we'll be out of here.

Ash Man: Okay, okay, but let me sweet-talk the chief first!

Man 1: Hey, hey, show me the two piece again.

Anya: All right, one last time.

Man 1: Awesome!

Marcus: Cable cars.

Ash Man: Yeah, only crazy guys move around on the ground!

Sam: Yeah, we noticed.

Doorman: Ahh, it's the god damn COG.

Ash Man: Yeah, yeah. Can we come in?

Doorman: Shit, why you bringing them up here? Target practice for the chief?

Ash Man: Come on, man. They ain't ordinary COG assholes. They just killed a heap of glowies for us! They really need to see the chief.

Doorman: Okay, but only because it's going to be fun watching him kick seven shades of shit out of you, you little weasel.

Anya: You are hopeless.

Jace: You know, I think I heard of Griffin. People used to say he's badass with a hate for the Coalition.

Man 2: Ah, guess I'll have to sleep with a sawed off.

Jace: Look, there's his office.

Anya: Marcus, let me handle this.

Ash Man: Mr. Griffin, sir. These COG guys showed up, and they did a great job on the glowies. Now they want some fuel.

Griffin: What the fuck are you doing bringing the COG here, into my city?

Ash Man: They... they... they killed the glowies, sir! They... they just want some fuel!

Griffin: Boy, get out of here before I lose my patience. So welcome to Griffin Tower, COG. It was here before you destroyed Char, and it's still standing now. And so am I. You've got some nerve coming around here asking for favors, motherfuckers.

Anya: Sir, we understand. We just need fuel, and then we'll go.

Griffin: Bitch, you don't understand shit. You see those ash remains? Those were my workforce. My employees. My family. I don't like their rest being disturbed by outsiders, and especially no fucking COG.

Marcus: Oh, I think we understand grieving.

Griffin: Oh, and who the fuck are you?

Marcus: Marcus Fenix.

Griffin: Now there's a name I think I recall. You know the first rule of business, Mr. Fenix?

Marcus: Remind me.

Griffin: It's, "What's in it for me?" You need fuel, so do I. Ironic, seeing as how I built an empire on it. So you go get my fuel back, and I'll let your punk-ass keep some.

Marcus: Well, what's stopping you from getting it?

Griffin: Our refinery across the way is a little late with the fuel shipment. Shit, they didn't even send my cable car back. So I'm asking you to progress the order for me. Get my fuel and my cable car. Now, can you manage that, killa?

Marcus: You wouldn't be setting us up, now, would you?

Dizzy: Goddamn it, get your hands off me! Marcus, they jumped me and took the truck, they...

Griffin: Every contract has a performance guarantee, Fenix. Your associate is now mine.

Marcus: Don't you lay a finger on him. Don't you fucking dare.

Griffin: You got an hour. Don't waste it.

Anya: Let's go, Marcus. Dizzy's going to be okay, Marcus. Let's do this and get out of here.

Marcus: Yeah, let's.

Jace: Nice of them to leave all of these supplies lying around.

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