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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 2 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 2 of Act 4 - "Crater" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Anya: Oh, God. This place must've taken the brunt of it.

Marcus: And there's Griffin's other tower.

Anya: Yeah. We certainly did a thorough job here.

Jace: I've never seen a city trashed this bad. Man, it must've been hard to push that button.

Anya: It was. I was there.

Jace: Aw, shit, Anya. My bad. I ain't mean it like that.

Anya: It's... okay. Could be worse. Here we go again!

Marcus: Good. I need to kill somethin' ugly.

Anya: Not so tough, hey?

Jace: Engaging!

Anya: Heads up! The stalks are back!

Marcus: Stay sharp! These assholes could come out of anywhere!

Jace: Stalks! Throwing frag!

Anya: Shoot the pods!

Marcus: Revive me!

Anya: Throwing frag!

Man 2: Will ya just die?

Marcus: Little help here! Could... use a hand.

Sam: Fire in the hole! Revive me!

Marcus: Infected piece of shit! Walk it off!

Anya: Beatdown!

Marcus: Come on, this way. Head for the tower.

Jace: No wonder he wanted us to do this shit. This is a hell of a walk.

Sam: Yeah. and right through Lambent territory.

Jace: Man, I hope Dizzy doesn't get any ideas and try to fight his way out you know? You know how he is.

Sam: I'd say we go back and grab him if we didn't need the fuel so badly.

Jace: Shit, they've cut us off!

Anya: Fire in the hole!

Jace: Engaging!

Marcus: Lock and load! Infected piece of shit!

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Sam: I'm out!

Marcus: Let's go! Who's up next?! Take it! Nice! Shit, this whole place is unstable! Move! Come on, run!

Jace: Well, I guess we're not going back that way.

Sam: Look, I think we're following the old subway. Well, we managed to reach the tower in one piece.

Anya: And there's the cable car at the top. Now all we have to do is get up there.

Jace: Incoming stalks!

Anya: Lambent! Enemy reinforcements!

Marcus: Drudges! Hardly seems fair. Throwing smoke! Could use a hand.

Anya: Frag-out! Medic! You're good to go!

Marcus: Revive me!

Anya: Enemy reinforcements!

Marcus: We're nearly there. Come on, finish 'em! Mutate now, you piece of shit! Come on. Beatdown!

Sam: Let's see what you've got!

Marcus: Frag out!

Jace: It's empty!

Anya: Watch the arms!

Jace: Take that, you glowie mother fucker!

Marcus: All right, let's get inside! This'll do.

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