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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 2 (2 of 2)

Beat Chapter 2 of Act 4 - "Crater" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Man 1: This place looks deserted.

Woman 1: You know, maybe they've abandoned the place and just moved somewhere safer.

Woman 2: Perfect! Plenty of elevators and no power.

Man 2: Let's see if there's a generator, or else we got a long climb ahead.

Man 1: Finally. Something goes right.

Man 2: Yeah, but then it always goes wrong again.

Woman 2: Okay. Let's go and try one of the lifts.

Woman 1: Well, here's hoping it's intact.

Man 1: Anyone else hear that?

Man 2: Shit! Lambent Humans!

Woman 2: It's not just Mercy, then!

Woman 1: Well, that explains why the shipment never came back!

They're crawling out of the vents! Watch your backs!


Man 2: More on the way! Watch the lift!

Man 1: Let's dance.

Woman 1: Lambent!

Man 1: Shit! Another lift!

Woman 1: Lambent!

Man 2: You want some?

Look out! Another lift coming down!

Man 1: I could use a hand here.

Woman 2: Hey, dickwad. Open your eyes!

They're breaking through the doors!

Man 1: You want some?

Man 2: All right. Let's get to that cable car and go get Dizzy.

Man 1: So I guess we're taking the stairs.

Man 2: This car's the counterweight. Let's move it.

Woman 2: So, if they've turned Lambent here in the refinery, you know, it really does look like the Imulsion's the cause.

Man 1: But hold on. We've been exposed to Imulsion too.

Man 2: Not as much as they were. They refined the stuff here.

Woman 2: No wonder Griffin stayed clear of this place.

Woman 1: Oh, shit! A Gunker!

Man 2: Watch its arm!

Man 1: What the hell was that thing?

Woman 2: A Gunker. We saw them in Hanover. Only not that close.

Man 1: Yeah, let's not do that again. Ever!

Man 2: Okay. Let's get to the cable car.

Man 1: I hope they haven't trashed it.

Man 2: The cargo's intact. Well, that's something. Come on. Let's get out of here.

Man 1: Ah, shit! It's not moving.

Woman 2: Looks like it's secured to the building with a safety cable.

Man 2: Then let's get in there and cut this thing loose.

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