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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 3 (2 of 2)

Beat Chapter 3 of Act 4 - "Hang 'em High" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Anya: These cables don't go to the roof, Marcus. Look ahead, we'll land three floors below it!

Marcus: We'll fight our way up then.

Jace: Okay. Let's go get Dizzy.

Anya: Looks like Myrrah left her guards behind.

Sam: They're rushing! Guards!

Anya: Enemy reinforcements!

Marcus: Oh, that's going to hurt! Medic!

Sam: Get up!

Dizzy: Marcus? Marcus! We're in the shit up here! Me and Griffin! We're on our own now! We can't hold out much longer!

Marcus: We're coming to get you, Dizzy, just hang on!

Anya: The queen's guards are killing everyone!

Jace: Shit, we've got her Shriekers here too?

Anya: Guards!

Marcus: Eat it! Mm, nice. Guards! Use the ladders! Come on! We got to get to Dizzy!

Dizzy: Marcus! We're pinned down at the far end of the roof now!

Marcus: We've reached the roof, Dizzy! We're coming! Come on!

Sam: Guards!

Marcus: Nothing but bits! Who's next?

Anya: Incoming flame!

Marcus: Take it! Bring it! This'll do.

Sam: Ain't so tough.

Marcus: Lock and load! Nothing but bits.

Griffin: Haha! I knew you'd make it, Marcus!

Marcus: Okay, Griffin, we got your goddamn fuel. We're done.

Griffin: You're done? They're fucking dead! My people are all dead! We've survived Hammer strikes, the Grubs, the whole damn war, and then you show up and I lose fucking everybody! You fucking COG bastards! Everywhere you go, everything you do, it's always nothing but death, pain, and miseries! You piece of shit mother fucker.

Marcus: I just lost my fucking brother, all right? You hear that?! My brother! You, and your tower, and all this fucking Imulsion can go to hell!

Griffin: We'll settle this shit another time, Fenix! You can count on that, bitch!

Anya: Come on, let's get this fuel to the truck. We've got a submarine to find.

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