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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 4

Beat Chapter 4 - "Batten Down the Hatches" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Myrrah: Marcus Fenix seems to be as persistent as his father, and just as predictable. If he lives, our entire species dies. Make sure that his touching little mission ends here.

Locusts: Yes.

Anya: Locust!

Marcus: Hit it, Dizzy!

Jace: Here we go!

Marcus: Shriekers!

Jace: Turret in the guardhouse!

Marcus: Got one!

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Dizzy: Ahh, come on!

Marcus: Revive me!

Jace: Walk it off!

Marcus: That all you got?

Anya: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: Who wants toast?!

Jace: Out of ammo!

Marcus: Nice!

Dizzy: Out of ammo!

Marcus: Nice!

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Sam: I'm out.

Marcus: Boomer!

Sam: Oh, shit!

Marcus: I owe you one.

Anya: Bad touch, bad touch! I'm out.

Sam: I'm out!

Marcus: All right, let's go check out the hangar.

Jace: Shit, I hope they all ain't rusted to hell like that one. Let's try the next hangar.

Sam: This submarine's something we can't miss, right, Diz?

Dizzy: Yeah, you aren't going to trip over it.

Marcus: Just keep looking.

Dizzy: What the hell's that white stuff everywhere? Spider webs?

Sam: Never seen webs like that before. Doesn't look like spiders to me.

Jace: Oh, I'm sure we'll find out what made them soon enough.

Anya: Dizzy, how are the five of us going to operate a submarine?

Dizzy: That's what I'm for, ma'am!

Marcus: Look out!

Anya: Ugh! What are those things, Serapedes?

Dizzy: Yeah, but I ain't never seen one that big before! Goddamn!

Marcus: Take them out!

Sam: Mind their jaws!

Anya: Ahhh! They've got some kind of electric shock defense!

Jace: Just shoot them in their glowing ass!

Dizzy: Serapede!

Anya: Sniper! Up there!

Jace: We got one!

Marcus: Sniper!

Anya: Enemy reinforcements!

Marcus: Ahhh, come on!

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Dizzy: Smoke out!

Sam: I'm out.

Marcus: Okay, let's search this hangar!

Jace: Shit, I wonder what other surprises the Locust have waiting for us.

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