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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 5 (2 of 5)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 5 of Act 4 - "Bon Voyage" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Marcus: Out of ammo.

Jace: They've got reinforcements!

Marcus: Hold them off! They're going to blow up that fuel!

Jace: They're roping down. Drop them!

Marcus: Guards! Looks dead enough to me.

Anya: Bye-bye. Almost lost me there.

Marcus: Come on, people. The meter's running! Sam, you doing okay?

Sam: No, I'm not. And neither are you.

Marcus: Yeah. That's about the size of it.

Sam: But we'll keep going.

Dizzy: Well, that will get us to Azura. Okay, now find me a rotor. You know what you're looking for, right?

Marcus: Yeah. Big, heavy, round thing with fan blades.

Jace: Wretches!

Marcus: Take it!

Jace: Engaging! You want some? They're coming in under the doors! More Wretches coming in!

Sam: Engaging!

Jace: Marcus, the doors are opening!

Sam: Guards!

Marcus: Oh, yeah!

Sam: I'm out.

Anya: I'll never get this stain out now.

Jace: Marcus, more turrets.

Marcus: Those old shells...

Anya: Enemy reinforcements!

Marcus: ...are going to be pretty unstable by now.

Sam: Order up.

Jace: Yeah, let's send them a wake-up call.

Marcus: Eat it! All clear.

Jace: Hey, there's a lift over there. Let's try looking up top.

Sam: Grubs!

Marcus: Shriekers!

Anya: Almost lost me there!

Jace: Who's next?

Sam: I'm out.

Anya: I'm out.

Marcus: Medic!

Jace: Here come those gasbags again!

Marcus: Eat it!

Sam: Cheers. Guards!

Marcus: This will do.

Jace: Ink out! Crap. I'm out.

Marcus: I need ammo. Oh, yeah!

Anya: Ain't so tough!

marcus: Nothing but bits! Come on, we've got to keep looking for that damn rotor.

Jace: You know, what we need to do is find the maintenance area.

Sam: Well, that looks promising.

Jace: Yeah, if that's a maintenance bay, then they probably got our rotor.

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