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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 5 (5 of 5)

Beat Chapter 5 of Act 4 - "Bon Voyage" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Male 1: Aw, shit. Somebody upgraded.

Female 1: Aw, shit. The rounds just bounce off them.

Male 2: Try explosives.

Male 1: Armored Kantus.

Female 1: They're rushing.

Male 1: Ah, man.

Male 2: Revive me.

Male 1: That did it.

Male 2: I need ammo.

Male 1: I'm out.

Male 2: That all you got? Here comes some more.

Male 1: Armored Kantus! Shit, they got more Serapedes.

Male 2: Nice.

Female 1: Fire in the hole!

Male 2: They're throwing everything they got at us.

Female 1: They really want to stop us reaching your dad, Marcus. Must be one hell of a weapon he's built.

Male 2: Revive me.

Female 1: Take it.

Male 1: Serapede.

Male 3: Medic!

Male 1: Come get some. Come get some.

Male 2: This will do. I need ammo. Gotcha. Okay, flood the dock and then everybody into the boat.

Anya: Anya to Cole, over.

Cole: Cole here.

Anya: Cole, this is Anya. We got the submarine running.

Cole: A sub? [laughs] That's Baird's favorite kind of toy. But you got to see what we found, baby. Whoo!

Anya: Cole, please.

Cole: Anya, you don't sound right. You got trouble?

Anya: We're heading for Azura now. We'll rendezvous with you outside the Maelstrom. Might take us some time.

Cole: Oh, yeah. We'll be there. With some backup, too.

Anya: Watch your six, Cole. Anya, out.

Female 2: Don't worry, Anya. I'll break it to them.

Male 2: No, you won't. I'll tell them.

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