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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 4 Chapter 6 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 5 of Act 4 - "Watery Grave" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Dizzy: Whoa! What's this place called? Anybody know?

Samantha: No idea, but the grubs must have sunk it.

Jace: Man, this is beautiful, but I've had my fill of ghost towns.

Marcus: Okay, we're close to Azura, so we'll hit the Maelstrom soon. Everybody man the pods. Diz-take us in nice and easy.

Dizzy: Yeah. I better start powerin' up the guns.

Anya: Jacinto probably looks just like this, now.

Samantha: Yeah... and we did that to ourselves, too.

Marcus: Well, there's no point cryin' over what we could have done differently. Because we'll never know.

Dizzy: All right, guns are live. Now don't be shootin' each other.

Jace: You know what? I've never used these flechette guns before.

Anya: Yeah, we could probably do with some practice.

Dizzy: Okay, I'm powerin' down the guns. It's all quiet. No point wastin' juice.

Jace: Marcus, I'm seeing a lot of explosives out here.

Marcus: Everyone keep their eyes open. We didn't come this far to get killed by our own goddamn mines.

Hey, check this thing out.

Anya: Looks like we got an escort.

Jace: And he brought some friends, too.

Marcus: I see 'em... Look out! Ah, these goddamn things are getting dangerous! Take 'em out!

Jace: Ah, shit! We're taking on water!

Anya: Look out! There's more of them!

Dizzy: Yeah, I can see them! You keep shootin' 'em -- I'll get us outta here!

Anya: They're dead ahead!

Dizzy: I'm takin' her down! I gotta get those things off our ass!

Jace: Yo, Dizzy, how deep can this thing go?

Dizzy: Son, that ain't gonna matter if those crazy fish bust a hole in us!

Anya: Look out! They're attacking from above!

They're dead ahead!

We're clear, I can't see them.

Samantha: Yeah, but that doesn't mean they can't find us.

Anya: Look out!

Marcus: They're following the searchlights! Dizzy, kill the lights and get us out of here!

Dizzy: You got it!

Jace: Thanks, Dizzy, I can't see a goddamn thing!

Dizzy: It's okay, I can pick out the real big stuff on the sonar.

Marcus: Anything trailin' us now?

Dizzy: Nothing on sonar.

Anya: Dizzy, how's the sub holding up?

Dizzy: Nothing's busted yet, ma'am. Were okay.

Marcus: Everybody--quiet! You hear that?

Anya: God, it sounds like an earthquake. That's weird.

Marcus: Dizzy... Dizzy, hit the lights!

Jace: Whoa! That was close!

Dizzy: Hang on!

Jace: Now where'd it go? It was right there!

Anya: I don't see it. There it is!

Marcus: C'mon, we gotat shake that thing.

Dizzy: Damn, that nearly breached the hull!

Marcus: Keep it away from the sub! Shoot it in the face!

Dizzy: God help us--we got the whole damn navy down here!

Anya: It's not going to give up easily!

Jace: Mines! Look out for the mines!

Marcus: Come on, hold it off! Shoot it!

Anya: It's right on us!

Dizzy: Keep firin' then! Keep it off our ass!

Anya: Come on, Diz! It's gonna take more than this to kill it!

Marcus: Keep going! We can't stop!

Anya: Steer for the mines, Diz! We can give this bastard a real headache!

Dizzy: Okay, but clear the mines out of the damn way. Shoot 'em!

Jace: Whoa, that was too close!

Dizzy: Come on! Blow 'em before they sink us!

Anya: The Leviathan's still on our tail, Dizzy!

Dizzy: Keep shootin'! 'Cause if that thing don't get us, the mines well

Marcus: Dizzy, try for those arches! It won't be able to follow us through there.

Dizzy: Okay... better hope it ain't a dead end!

Marcus: We just need to hold it off while we work out how to kill it. Aim for its mouth! Shoot it!

Jace: This tunnel ain't your size, asshole!

Samantha: Oh, shit! It's not gonna give up, is it?

Anya: Kill it! Aim for the mouth!

Marcus: Give it all ya got!

Jace: You want some more, bitch? Huh? You picked the wrong day to mess with me!

Marcus: Okay, Dizzy, let's go!

Dizzy: We can't out run it, Marcus!

Jace: Ha ha, it's stuck, look at it! See ya!

Samantha: Whoo! Diz, we made it!

Dizzy: I'm getting to old for this! It's got us! That son of a bitch is pulling us out by the tail!

Marcus: Shoot it in the mouth!

Dizzy: Just get the tentacle!

Anya: It's crushing the hull.

Jace: It's not gonna let go, Marcus!

Marcus: Dizzy, go! Go!

Dizzy: Whoo, baby--damn! For a minute, I thought we were going to end up like the rest of them shipwrecks!

Jace: Shit, you will never ever catch me in one of these again. You hear me?

Anya: Hey, dead ahead. Looks like we got our escort back.

Samantha: Come on, let's kill those things before they come back and sink us.

Marcus: Hold your fire.

Anya: Where did they go? Looks like they were swept away by the current.

Samantha: I can hear something, like a motor... a waterfall...

Dizzy: Marcus, the current's getting a lot stronger! I can feel it in the controls.

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