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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 1 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 1 of Act 5 - "Home Away from Home" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter Gears of War 3.


Marcus: Okay, Dizzy. Take her up. What the hell?

Sam: Those bastards! They've killed the civvies!

Jace: So the government shipped people out here? Nice of Prescott to keep up in the loop.

Dizzy: Yeah, the important folks that were worth saving... while we weren't.

Marcus: Didn't save them though, did it? Okay, let's move. Dizzy, when we're clear, get out of the cave and stand by. The sub might be our only way out. Dizzy, take her down.

Dizzy: We'll hook up again! See you later!

Overhead female announcer: Welcome to Sera. You have been chosen for protection because of your outstanding contribution to society. Please proceed to reception.

Jace: Protection? I wonder why Prescott didn't spend all his fricking time here.

Marcus: Anya, you're navigating. Where's the Maelstrom generator?

Anya: Up there. That's the train station. Let's follow the tunnel.

Marcus: Okay, go! Okay, forget stealth. Smoke them! Damn! Next!

Sam: Guards!

Marcus: This'll do.

Sam: Shit. They've really dug in. Definitely up Grub HQ.

Overhead female announcer: The next train will arrive in five minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Anya: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: What's the matter, you hurt?!

Overhead female announcer: The next train will arrive in five minutes.

Anya: It's empty.

Overhead female announcer: Thank you for your patience.

Sam: Hey, dickwad, open your eyes!

Marcus: Who's next?

Jace: Oh, boy.

Marcus: Nothing but bits!

Anya: I dare you.

Sam: Oh, bugger it!

Overhead female announcer: Please wait until all trains depart.

Jace: Out of ammo.

Marcus: Eat boot!

Anya: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: This'll do.

Jace: Damnit! The train's blocked the tunnel! Where the hell are we going to go now?

Marcus: Anya, is there a way around this?

Overhead female announcer: Thank you for your patience...

Anya: Anya to Cole. Anya to Cole, over.

Marcus: The radio's screwed until we shut down the Maelstrom.

Anya: Well, I'll keep the channel open anyway.

Adam: Anya! Anya, is that you? This is Adam Fenix! Can you hear me?

Anya: Professor! Yes, we hear you.

Adam: Ah thank God, Prescott found you! Can you see the security camera?

Anya: Yes, can you see us, Professor?

Adam: Anya! Oh, you've changed! Where's Marcus? Did Marcus make it?

Marcus: Dad, I'm here. We've come to get you out.

Adam: It's good to see you again. Is Dom with you? Wait, how did you get that scar?

Marcus: Later, Dad. Where are you?

Adam: I'm locked in my laboratory in the hotel tower. I need you to get me out so I can deploy the countermeasure. I'm running out of time, Marcus.

Marcus: We'll deal with the grubs, Dad. Hang in there.

Adam: No, I mean the Imulsion, the Lambent organism. It's about to reach a critical stage in its life cycle. I've got to destroy it before it matures and wipes out all life on Sera.

Marcus: You lost me at "life cycle."

Adam: It's not a fuel, Marcus. It's a living organism. It's turning everything Lambent, including us.

Marcus: It's a parasite. So you can kill it.

Adam: Yes, that's it exactly! Myrrah wants me to adapt the countermeasure to kill it without harming the Locust, but there's no time left for that.

Marcus: We need to shut down the Maelstrom first to land reinforcements. Where do we go?

Adam: There's a train that'll take you straight to the facility.

Marcus: Yeah, we've got a problem with that. The tunnel's blocked. We need to bypass it.

Adam: There should be a maintenance tunnel alongside it. I can open the door for you from here. Get to the beach and you'll be able to see the tower from there.

Marcus: Dad, try opening it. We're in.

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