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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 2 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 2 of Act 5 - "Blackout" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Samantha: There it is. Wonder how many years it took the government to built it.

Jace: And when they were planning on sharing it with the rest of us. Ain't so tough.

Samantha: Fire in the hole! Smoke-out!

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Samantha: They're rushing.

Marcus: Nice. Frag out!

Jace: Bring it!

Anya: Attacking!

Marcus: Revive me!

Samantha: I'm out!

Marcus: This will do.

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: Medic!

Jace: I got you.

Marcus: Nice.

Adam: Marcus, you've got one two three generators to shut down! They're in the basement.

Samantha: Let's hope the elevators work this time! Guards!

Anya: Attacking!

Marcus: Take it!

Anya: Beatdown.

Marcus: This will do.

Jace: Fire in the hole.

Marcus: Come on! Let's find the generator room! Any advice, Dad!

Adam: You'll need to throw three switches. That shuts down the whole generator by stages. But there'll be Locust in there waiting for you, Marcus.

Marcus: Fine by me... Dad, I'm sorry. I should have saved you from all this. God, I tried.

Adam: Don't, Marcus, please. I'm the one who need some forgiveness. I've cost you everything. I can see it.

Marcus: He's gone, Dad. Dom's gone.

Adam: Marcus, I wish I could bring him back. But all I can do is make sure you all have a future. I won't fail you this time, I promise.

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: Nice!

Samantha: Drones!

Jace: Come on sucker!

Samantha: Not afraid of a girl, are you?

Jace: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: Sweet.

Anya: Come on, there's three switches. Let's find them!

Jace: Okay. Here's one!

Marcus: Shut it down!

Jace: One down. Two to go! Damn bustdown!

Marcus: Nice!

Anya: Got it.

Marcus: Last one!

Samantha: Okay, that's done it.

Adam: Marcus, the Maelstrom's still working! What happened?

Marcus: Well, we shut the damn thing down! Is there some other power supply?

Adam: The Lucost must have a backup supply somewhere else!

Marcus: Shit, that could take hour's to find.

Adam: Cut off the coolant. That will take the generators offline. But it will cause one hell of an explosion.

Marcus: Well, that works for me. Come on, let's find the valves.

Adam: Marcus, you're gonna have to get out of there fast.

Marcus: Don't worry, Dad. We will.

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