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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 3 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 3 of Act 5 - "Shattered Paradise" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter Gears of War 3.


Marcus: So you got Jack running again, huh? Nice job. We're going to need him.

Baird: Yeah. He's got a few new tricks to show you, too.

KR-Zero-Six: KR-Zero-Six on task, Fenix. We'll lay down for for you.

Marcus: Roger that, Zero-Six.

Cole: Well, at least we got air support for a change.

KR-Zero-Six: KR-Zero-Six to Delta, we have visual on guards approaching to your left! Engaging now!

Baird: Go get them, Jack!

Anya: Enemy reinforcements! You gave Jack a stun gun.

Baird: Yeah, he can do a lot more than just open doors now!

Cole: Oh shit! Jack is back, baby! Hey! Where you going?

Marcus: This'll do. Lock and load! Revive me! I'm out! Nice save. Thanks for the help.

Cole: Oh yeah! Yo, bitch, tell your Queen Delta's here to settle some scores!

Marcus: Guards! Would you get the fuck out of my way, please?! Nice! I'll take that.

Anya: Guards!

KR-Zero-Six: Heads up, Fenix. Gas barges heading your way! Goddamn, look out! Catapult!

Marcus: Mauler! Fenix to Trescu, warn off your birds! The grubs have got antiair!

Mauler: Roger that, Fenix! Standing by!

Cole: Get it off me! Come on! Take them out!

Marcus: Who's next? Okay, get to the catapult! Target those gas bags! Nice!

Cole: Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Marcus: Okay, next! The sooner we take these out, the sooner we get back up!

Anya: Splash two!

Marcus: Next!

Cole: Three ain't going to be no charm this time, bitches!

Marcus: Okay, move!

Anya: Commander, you can start landing troops. We've taken out the catapult and the gas barges.

Mauler: Pilot are reporting at least two more artillery positions further inland. We have very few aircraft left, COG. I cannot commit them until those catapults are taken out.

Marcus: We'll find them. Stand by. Okay, move out. Let's put those assholes out of business.

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