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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 3 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 3 of Act 5 - "Shattered Paradise" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter Gears of War 3.


Cole: Yo, check out this fancy shit. It's a goddamn five-star hotel!

Baird: Yeah, but look what happens when you don't tip the bellhop.

Marcus: This'll do.

Cole: Whoa. What the hell is she selling?

Female Announcer: ...most valued citizens will rebuild humanity.

Marcus: Azura was a bunker for the COG's elite. So they could hide until the war was over. The last war.

Anya: Oh God. Are those the research staff?

Marcus: Hard to say. I can't tell whether their coats were white or not. This is the last COG base the grubs would find. Makes sense to evacuate you key scientists here.

Anya: Like Prescott evacuated your father?

MArcus: Yeah, maybe. Dad? Looks like they've killed everyone.

Adam: I think I was the only human they needed alive. Marcus, I can explain about Myrrah.

Marcus: Dad, it can wait. Where are we?

Adam: You're near the hydroelectric dam. You've still got some way to go to reach the tower.

Marcus: Okay, Dad. We're coming.

Cole: Enemy spotted.

Marcus: They've seen us.

Anya: I'm out.

Marcus: We've got enemy reinforcements! Nice!

Cole: Oh yeah. Throwing frag!

Marcus: Okay, that catapult's ours. Take it!

Anya: Delta to Trescu, we've taken one artillery position, but look out for Reavers. We're engaging.

Trescu: Roger that, Delta.

Marcus: Drop those Reavers, people!

Cole: Revive me! Whoa, almost lost me there.

Marcus: Then we breach the dam and flood them out. Come on, target the dam!

Anya: It's starting to crack!

Marcus: Keep it up! Again!

Cole: Come on! One more shot and we got it.

Marcus: Get clear! Come on, run!

Female Announcer: Your research is vital, but remember to take time to...

Baird: Enough with the fucking recordings.

Female Announcer: ...relax, appreciate the finest art across Sera.

Marcus: Goddammit. Dad, once we get you out, what do we need to do to activate your weapon?

Adam: I've got the command keys here. That's all I need to trigger it.

Baird: Professor, this is Damon Baird. How does this thing work?

Adam: Ah, Baird, yes. Prescott mentioned you. Think of it as a neutron bomb without the blast, one that only kills Lambent cells in all of us.

Baird: All right then. Looking forward to that.

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