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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 4

Beat Chapter 4 - "Threshold" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Cole: Marcus, can I, uh, can I ask how, um...

Marcus: The bomb works? Didn't my father tell you that?

Cole: No...Dom. I just want to know.

Marcus: Let's just get through this first.

Anya: Will you look at this place? I really thought I knew Prescott. It makes me sick to think he had this trillion-dollar panic room all those years while we were starving and dying!

Marcus: But he stayed with us all that time. I don't get it. What's this?

Baird: So the professor says we're all infected with this Lambent shit?

Anya: Everything and everyone. Imulsion's a parasitic life form.

Baird: Goddamn. The friggin' miracle fuel's alive. Can he really kill it all?

Cole: Hey, we came all this way for Marcus's dad. Show some goddamn faith!

Woman 1: Today's special menu for your dining enjoyment is ground...

Baird: least I'll die knowing I guessed right.

Marcus: You're not going to die, Baird. Nobody else is gonna die!

Baird: Has your dad tested this bomb thing, Marcus?

Marcus: Can we kill this goddamn noise?

Woman 1: Or perhaps rack of lamb in our dining....

Baird: Okay, faith. Yeah. Got it.

Marcus: Dad, we're here! We're just workin' out how to bypass this firefight.

Marcus's Dad: I can hear it, Marcus. And Myrrah's tracking you. Watch your back.

Marcus: Yeah, she's been on our asses the whole way. Stand by!

Anya: Mortars!

Marcus: Revive me!

Anya: Medic! You want some? You're good to go.

Baird: Who's next?

Anya: Use explosives!

Marcus: Bring it!

Baird: Man down! Revive me!

Marcus: Nice!

Cole: Revive me! Revive me!

Anya: You're good to go.

Marcus: Frag out!

Creature 1: For the queen!

Marcus: Revive me!

Baird: Come on, you through? What are you doing?

Marcus: Now I'm pissed!

Anya: Throwing frag!

Marcus: This'll do.

Anya: We've got stalks coming up! Jack, rip that door while we hold them off!

Cole: Incoming! Incoming stalks!

Marcus: Lambent!

Cole: Frag out!

Anya: Drudges!

Cole: Target the pods!

Anya: Shit! It's mutating!

Marcus: Revive me!

Cole: Which one of you freaks is next?

Anya: Lambent!

Cole: Fire in the hole!

Marcus: Lambent! Infected piece of shit.

Anya: Frag out!

Cole: I'm out.

Marcus: That's the last of them. Dad, we're on our way up. Come on. Get inside and barricade the doors.

Baird: Look, if we've all got a dose of this glowy Imulsion, isn't your dad's bomb or whatever going to affect us, too? You know...fatally?

Marcus: You think he'd risk that?

Marcus's Dad: It will work. Don't worry. And trust me, Corporal Baird. I've tested it.

Marcus: Block the door. Come on, quick!

Baird: That won't stop a stalk! It'll just piss off the Drudges for a few minutes.

Marcus: Well, that'll have to do. Dad, we're in. The Lambent are right behind us. Where's your lab?

Marcus's Dad: On the top floor. Watch out for Queen Myrrah, Marcus. She's desperate.

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