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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 5 (1 of 3)

Check out part 2 and beat Chapter 5 of Act 5 - "Ascension" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Marcus: Dad, what's Myrrah up to? In your message, you said that she doesn't realize you can't save the Locust.

Marcus' Father: This is a last stand for the Locust, too, Marcus. My device will kill the Imulsion, but it'll harm the Locust, too.

Male 1: I'm not seein' the downside here.

Marcus' Father: I needed more time. Just like E-Day.

Marcus: Yeah, we'll talk about it. Hold on.

Male 1: E-Day? What the hell's he talkin' about?

Male 2: I'm not sure we want to know.

Marcus: Quiet, people. Grubs up ahead.

Male 2: Marcus, we ain't sneaking past them, are we? We got a score to settle.

Marcus: Yeah, we have.

Male 2: Surprise, bitches! We back!

Anya: Guards!

Marcus: Looks dead enough to me.

Male 1: Throwing frag. Throwing frag!

Marcus: Let's do this. That all you got?!

Male 1: I'm out.

Marcus: Gimme that.

Anya: The Lambent are going to breach the doors soon, Marcus.

Marcus: Let's worry about the grubs first. Bloodmount. Frag out!

Male 2: Did you see that?

Male 1: That all you got?

Marcus: Take it. Up there! Reaver!

Male 2: Looks like the only way up.

Marcus: I don't see the elevator cars. Must be at the top.

Male 2: Shit... who'd they build this for, anyway?

Male 1: It's a frickin'palace! Thanks, Prescott! Good use of my taxes.

Marcus: Ah, good. Ah, shit. Baird, fix this.

Marcus' Father: Marcus... I'm responsible for so many deaths. This is where I can put some things right.

Marcus: You didn't start this war. You're ending it.

Marcus' Father: There was a time when I thought I could talk our way out of it.

Damon: Uh, what happens when you set off your glowie killer, Professor? Are we going to feel anything?

Marcus' Father: That depends on how far the Imulsion has colonized your cells, Damon. Do you have a fever? Intense muscle pain?

Damon: No.

Marcus' Father: Then you'll be fine.

Anya: Or not so fine, maybe.

Marcus: Goddammit, Jack, where are those elevators?

Male 2: Takin' they own sweet time.

Male 1: It'll be slow going up, too. Just sayin'.

Male 2: Frag out!

Marcus: Here comes some more!

Anya: Fire in the hole. Drudges!

Marcus: Come on. Bring it! Nice.

Male 2: It's gonna spit.

Anya: Hold 'em off!

Male 2: The head's still alive!

Marcus: Nice!

Anya: Drudges! Watch the arms!

Male 2: Can't stop this!

Anya: Hey, the lifts are here! Let's go!

Marcus: Come on, into the elevator! Move it!

Male 1: Target the pods!

Marcus: Split up, just in case!

Male 1: Hey, you realize where all that sculpture and arty shit came from?

Marcus: You're gonna tell me.

Male 1: The National Museum of Ephyra. Prescott saved friggin' statues instead of us! Asshole!

Marcus: Nice to feel valued. Come on, brass 'em up! Keep 'em off the lifts! Let's dance! This'll do.

Anya: Nowhere to run now.

Marcus: Too late to take the stairs.

Anya: Look out!

Marcus: Jump! Get to the other lift!

Anya: Ah--God! Nearly missed it!

Male 2: You two okay up there?!

Marcus: Yeah, we're fine! Anya, you okay?

Anya: I'm fine. Don't worry.

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