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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 5 (2 of 3)

Check out part 3 and beat Chapter 5 of Act 5 - "Ascension" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Marcus: Cole, we're on the floor above you.

Cole: On our way up, Marcus.

Baird: Take the stairs. Over there!

Anya: Guards!

Marcus: Revive me!

Anya: Hold still.

Marcus: Nice! This'll do.

Cole: Guards!

Marcus: Dad, we're still a couple of floors below you.

Adam: I can hear the Locust right outside my door. They're waiting for you.

Marcus: I won't disappoint them, then.

Lock and load. And stay down. This'll do.

Anya: Marcus, what's that noise?

Myrrah: Marcus Fenix! What a loyal son you are. But I can't let you release your father!

Marcus: Here come some more! Thanks, bitch!

Myrrah: Marcus, I gave your father nearly 20 years to deal with the Lambent. He will deal with it but not at my people's expense.

Baird: Myrrah said 20 years. Anyone else hear 20 years? Because that was before E-Day. Right?

Marcus: Don't listen to that bitch. Get upstairs. Split up! We need covering fire!

Cole: Goddamn, my ass feels medium-rare now!

Marcus: Okay, run! Head for the stairs!

Myrrah: Listen to me, Marcus Fenix! I will not let my people die! We have a right to live, a right to this world! Your father must complete his task!

Marcus: Well, that's one thing we agree on!

Baird: Hey, look up there! Splat!

Cole: You want to bring down the roof?

Baird: No, no, just the counterweight. See the cables?

Marcus: Good call. Come on, they've got to be anchored nearby.

Baird: It'll make the building unstable.

Marcus: Beats being roasted.

Cole: Medic. Get up!

Marcus: One down, two to go.

Anya: Thank the COG for their overblown design!

Cole: Revive me!

Marcus: That's two!

Cole: One more, then we can kiss her royal skank-ass highness goodbye! Pest control, bitch! We exterminating!

Marcus: Did we finish her off? Where's the queen?

Anya: I can't see!

Marcus: Ah, shit! Get to the lift! Now!

Adam: Marcus! Are you all right? What happened?

Marcus: We ran into Myrrah. Problem solved. We're on our way.

Adam: Solved? You mean dead.

Marcus: That was the idea, Dad. Yeah.

Professor Adam: Oh, I see.

Marcus: Don't waste your sympathy. Are the grubs still outside your lab?

Professor Adam: Yes, they'll be covering the elevators too. Find another route. There's a service hatch in the shaft somewhere.

Marcus: We're looking. Jack, slow the lift. That's it, Jack. Stop the lift.

Baird: Okay, I really need to know what Myrrah was yapping about. She knew your dad before E-Day? How? I mean, she looks human. Did she join the Locust country club for shits and giggles or something?

Cole: The bitch was just jerking his chain, Baird.

Marcus: Maybe not.

Got something. This'll do. Sweet!

The grubs are waiting for elevator A. So...

Two, three, go!

Cole: Guess who, motherfuckers!

Marcus: Who's next?

Baird: Who's next?

Cole: Meatloaf! Nice and fresh. Guards!

Marcus: Dad's in here somewhere. Dad, we're on your floor now.

Professor Adam: Look for the door with the external power unit.

Marcus: Okay, hang tight.

Baird: Can't stop this!

Marcus: Dad, they've got a turret outside your lab! Find some cover!

Come on!

Cole: Throwing frag! Yeah, here. Catch this!

Marcus: Don't mind if I do.

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