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Gears of War 3 Walkthrough: Act 5 Chapter 5 (3 of 3)

Beat Chapter 5 of Act 5 - "Ascension" with this online walkthrough for the third person action shooter "Gears of War 3".


Marcus: I think we're outside your lab, Dad. Okay, let's follow the wires on the floor. There'll be more grubs waiting at the end. Grinder!

Cole: Which one of you freaks is next?

Baird: Frag out!

Marcus: One lock down, Dad. One more to go. Nice! Don't mind if I do.

Baird: Who's next?

Marcus: Nice!

Anya: Frag out!

Marcus: That's two, Dad. We're heading back.

Adam: Marcus... Anya. It's good to see you again. I never thought I would. I'm so sorry about Dom.

Marcus: Hard to know where to begin, Dad.

Dad: Yes, I always wondered what I'd say to you if I ever saw you again, but... we always run out of time. Just my insurance. It won't work without command keys. The same failsafe I designed into the Hammer of Dawn. I'm an old hand at mass destruction, aren't I? I've had years to think things over, Marcus. You and Anya, all of you, live your lives to the fullest when this is over. Promise me you'll all do that. No regrets. No looking back.

Marcus: Yeah, sure, Dad, We better get going.

Dad: If the Imulsion hadn't reached a critical stage, I might have found a way to save the Locust as well, and they could have gone back underground.

Marcus: Tell me you don't feel sorry for them.

Adam: Responsible, not sorry. It's my fault they're here, Marcus. I failed to stop the Imulsion spreading all those years ago. It drove the Locust out of their warrens. I tried to persuade Myrrah to keep her people underground, but they couldn't, so then...

Baird: Wait, wait, wait. Did I hear right? The government knew E-Day was coming? And none of you bothered to warn us?

Adam: No, just me. Even Prescott didn't know, not until much later. I had so many ideas, too little time.

Marcus: Dad, stop this. Come on.

Baird: Whoa. What else don't we know?

Adam: You're a scientific man. Look at this later and try to understand what I wanted to do, and what I had to do.

Cole: Yo, less talking, more walking.

Marcus: Stalk!

Adam: My God, the Lambent. They've evolved so much since the last time I saw them!

Marcus: Just keep your head down!

Anya: Target the pods!

Marcus: It's overheated.

Cole: Mutate on that, bitch!

Marcus: This'll do.

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