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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough Part 1: Introduction

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat the introduction with this online demo.


Captain America: Erskine gave me a gift. The strength to fight against the forces of tyranny. This is what I've been waiting for.

Soldier 1: I tell you what, this ain't how I pictured France at all.

Soldier 2: You said it. Not one day of sun in two weeks. The only girls I've seen have four legs and moo.

Soldier 1: You hear who just showed up with D Company?

Soldier 2: Who?

Soldier 1: The Captain.

Soldier 2: He's here?

Soldier 1: Yeah.

Soldier 2: The Captain.

Soldier 1: What?

Soldier 2: He's a glorified poster boy. Poses for pictures and disappears when the action starts.

Soldier 1: I don't know. I heard he saved a bunch of guys in D Company who got captured.

Soldier 2: Wise up. It was staged for the newsreels. All that's for the folks back home. Nobody's coming to pull our butts out of this mess, kid.

Soldier 1: What about the raid on...?

Super Soldier: Hail Hydra!

Captain America: Fall back, soldier. I'll take it from here. Who are these guys? Time to see how they take a punch.

Super Soldier: On your knees!

Soldier 3: They're not human!

Super Soldier: Pathetic American!

Captain America: Let's see if Stark's shield can hold up to these weapons. Bucky!

Bucky: I've got it covered here, Cap, but some guys are pinned down up ahead. Hurry!

Soldier 4: Hold the line! Show them what we're made of!

Captain America: I may need to be a little more hands-on.

Soldier 5: Keep going, Cap! We'll hold them here!

Captain America: Dugan, rally some men and secure this room. I need a working radio, ASAP.

Dugan: I'm on it, Captain.

Soldier 6: There's something huge up there! I don't think it's human!

Captain America: He's a big one. It's gonna take everything I've got.

Soldier 7: What the hell's going on? Since when does the enemy have ordinance like this?

Captain America: They don't. Yet. This is a different enemy. Get me Howard Stark.

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