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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 1 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter one with this online demo.


Baron: How many times must I come down here? You have an 88-millimeter automated cannon! How difficult is it to shoot down one target?

Soldier 1: I'm sorry, Baron. We checked...

Baron: You checked nothing, peasant! One more mistake and you'll taste the Claw! Am I clear?

Soldier 1: Yes, Baron.

Captain America: They'd see me coming a mile away. Got to hit them from a distance. Practice makes perfect.

Soldier 2: I see something! Up there! Shoot him!

Captain America: Tower's coming down... got to move! That was close. I should find a radio and report in.

Soldier 3: How did he get in? I see no sign of a parachute.

Erik: Perhaps it's the Americans' Übersoldat.

Soldier 3: He is a myth. A propaganda tool. Don't be so naive, Erik.

Erik: Shhh... Did you hear something?

Soldier 3: Bring him down!

Baron: Attention all security forces. This is Baron von Strucker. We have a saboteur in our midst. Converge on the area around the Western cannon. I want him found and neutralized immediately...on pain of death. Hail Hydra!

Dieter: Have you seen Frederick lately?

Solider 4: No. I heard that after the incident with the gasoline, he had to answer to the Baron.

Dieter: Do you think he was sent to the dungeon?

Soldier 4: That would be a mercy compared to the Baron's Satan Claw. I've seen him flay the flesh from men's faces with it. Like strips of bacon.

Dieter: You'll do more than see it if we make any errors. Stop clucking like an old woman and get back to work.

Soldier 4: Of course, Dieter.

Captain America: I'd bet there's a radio up there. I just hope the signal is strong enough. Captain America to Headquarters. Come in. Over.

Peggy: Cap, this is Peggy. Are you all right? That drop...

Captain America: That was the easy part. Be advised the flak's so heavy I could have walked down on it.

Peggy: We know. The invaders are on their way to back you up, but we need you to take out the long-range AA cannons before they can safely airdrop.

Captain America: Copy. Maintain schedule. By the time they get here, the skies will be clear. Captain America out.

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