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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 5 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter five with this online demo.


Captain America: Those explosives will take out the supports. Now, for the dish itself.

Von Strucker: [inaudible 00:00:19] Hydras will be done!

Captain America: Have to plant some explosives within the radar dish. Can't risk it surviving the blast. Got to finish with the explosives or the drop plane's a sitting duck.

Von Strucker: He's sabotaging the radar dish! Stop him!

Captain America: That would be the perfect spot to plant the explosives, but it's armored. I need to expose the interior. Did it! Now the other side. Open sesame. Now one last charge.

Von Strucker: Arrogant swine! Von Strucker does not die so easily. That cannon will remain intact. Pity I can't say the same for you. Get him!

Captain America: I don't have time for this and neither do the invaders.

Von Strucker: You are weak like your country. This peasant is beneath me, show the mongrel how to beg. HA! HA! HA! Try again! Better hurry up, American, you're almost... Here they come.

Male 2: Die American! Today you die!

Captain America: Last charge. Hope I'm not too late. Strucker.

IronCross: [foreign language 00:06:29]

Arnim Zola: [inaudible 00:06:40]

Madame Hydra: Take it for analysis.

Captain America: Stop.

Madame Hydra: Schwein!

Arnim Zola: Now, now. Show our guest some courtesy. Captain, what a pleasure to meet face to face. I am Arnim Zola. How wonderful that you've awoken in time for me to show off my laboratory facilities. I trust IronCross is treating you gently. I'm afraid he was a bit over-eager earlier.

Madame Hydra: His condition is adequate for our purposes.

Arnim Zola: How rude of me. Captain, this is Madame Hydra, our highest-ranking Lieutenant. She commands the detention area. I'd imagine you've never met a women so powerful in your small-minded military, eh?

Captain America: I know a lady named Peggy who'd love to show you how wrong...

Madame Hydra: Struggle all you like. It will do you no good, but I find it quite amusing. Your weakness disturbs you? Herr Zola drained quite a bit of your blood for his experiments. By the time your strength returns, of course, you'll have outlived your usefulness.

Arnim Zola: Not necessarily, Madame. There's really no need for this unpleasantness, Captain. We have a great deal in common. I seek perfection, and you embody it. We should be allies, you and I.

Captain America: Got to hell.

Arnim Zola: Oh, no, my friend. That would be you. The late Dr. Erskine was a brilliant man. I've worked to recreate his Super Soldier Serum for some time now, using fragmentary notes and samples of the Red Skull's blood. But they represent his early efforts, and my results have been flawed.

But now, with your kind cooperation, using you blood samples and the observations I've made of you in combat, surely you realize you've only survived this long because I wished to test your capabilities, I finally have the missing pieces I need to perfect the Serum. To complete Project Master Man. To create an army of Hydra agents as powerful as you.

Madame Hydra: Then he is mine?

Arnim Zola: No, not yet, I'm afraid. I need him intact until my research is complete. Keep him secured but unharmed.

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