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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 7 (1 of 2)

Check out part 2 of this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter seven with this online demo.


Bucky: I'm giving you guys a chance. Oh, and I will take you both on, unarmed. It's the best offer you'll get. I'm trying to help you, dummy. You hear that alarm? It's him. Trust me, you'd rather take your chances with this kid.

Captain America: Bucky, are you all right?

Bucky: I used to get worse from that fat kid on Delancey. Big as a brick house and twice as stupid.

Captain America: The others, are they...?

Bucky: Alive, last I saw them. Madame Hydra took Dugan and Falsworth that direction. But we're not the only ones. They've got POWs from everywhere. Americans, Brits, Russians, Free French, you name it. Cap, they've been tortured, starved... they need medics.

Captain America: They'll get them. I'll notify Peggy to send extra transport.

Guard: Sweep this area. No one on this level, check sector seven.

Bucky: Listen, there's a railway tunnel running west of here, ends in a bridge. They use it to bring in supplies. It's our best shot at getting that many men outside. I'll bust them out, if you can take care of the snipers in the guard tower.

Captain America: Consider it done.

Bucky: Here, courtesy of Stark. Miniaturized short-range radio receiver so the invaders can keep in touch.

Captain America: Amazing. Look at the size of it.

Bucky: I'll be impressed when it picks up Fibber McGee and Molly. Now, once I get the prisoners out I'll come back inside and...

Captain America: No. You'll rendezvous with the others and head to the extraction point.

Bucky: When hell freezes over!

Captain America: Buck, if what you told me is true, these men will never make it on their own.

Bucky: Always a killjoy, Rogers?

Captain America: Take care of yourself.

Bucky: You too, Steve.

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