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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 7 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter seven with this online demo.


Steve: Take care of yourself.

Buck: You too, Steve.

Morita: Cap, keep those snipers busy while I free the prisoners.

Steve: Leave it to me.

Hydra: Hold it, get behind him.

Keep shooting, don't let them escape!

Stop them, don't let them escape!

Morita: Let's go, let's go.

Through that door.

Keep it together, soldier.

Let's go, let's go.

Okay, we're all clear and heading for the train. See you there.

Madame Hydra: Attention all security staff. This is Madame Hydra. It seems my little pets are escaping their pens. All long-range units converge on the eastern rail bridge. The rest of you... kill the Super Soldier!

Buck: Let's get outta here!

Morita: We're all aboard, Cap. I've almost got the controls unlocked.

Steve: Good going. Is there a way to open that bulkhead door?

Morita: Not from here. We'll need your help with that. There should be a control panel on the observation deck above you.

Steve: Copy. I'll take a look.

That way's clear, Buck. Now get going!

Morita: Cap, they've got a welcoming committee outside.

Steve: I'll handle that. Keep moving. Don't stop for anything.

I'll need serious firepower to breach those bunkers.

That missile turret's just what the doctor ordered.

Buck: We made it, Cap! Man, that was hairy for a while.

Steve: And it could be again if they come after you. So let's make sure they don't.

Rogers to Morita, do you read? Peggy told me you boys have artillery. I could definitely use some.

Morita: Roger Wilco, Cap. Just give me coordinates.

Steve: There's some sort of range-finding radar device up here. I'll see if I can get it to work. Stand by.

Morita: Copy. Standing by.

Steve: Rogers to Morita. Prepare to receive coordinates by Morse code.

Morita: Coordinates received. Get clear, Cap. All right Gabe, stand by for initial fire order.

Bucky: Cap, it's Bucky. One of the POW's overheard a code cipher Zola used to get deeper into the labs. It's Delta, One, One, Seven, Foxtrot.

Steve: Copy. Thanks Buck. Now get those men clear. I'm going back in to find Dugan and Falsworth.

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