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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 8 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter eight with this online demo.


Captain America: This used to be a man. I have to find Dugan and Falsworth. Now.
Looks like they're pulling out the big guns to deal with these guys.

Male voice: Attention, all laboratory personnel. The Super Soldier has been spotted in the upper labs. You have one minute to reach emergency exits before you are sealed inside. Should you fail, know you die in the service of Hydra.

Madame Hydra: Herr Zola, I am forced to evacuate. You! Untie the English one, he's healthier. Leave the other one for the creatures. I want an armored escort, and someone get that bloody lift working!

Captain America: Dugan!

Hydra Soldier: There he is!

Captain America: Hold still, Dugan. I'll have you free in a second. Are you hurt?

Dugan: Not near as bad as those Hydra devils will be when I get my hands around their necks.

Captain America: Do you know where they took Falsworth?

Dugan: He was on that table not five minutes ago. They had him drugged. God knows what they were going to do to him. That witch Madame Hydra, she ran off with him as soon as the alarm sounded.

Captain America: Dammit! We have to take out the pulse cannon that shot you down before we go after him. Otherwise, our planes are sitting ducks.

Dugan: Who says we can't do both? There's two of us, right? You find Falsworth, I'll get the cannon.

Captain America: Alone?

Dugan: I won't be alone. I'll have my little friend to keep me company.

Captain America: Which way did she take him?

Dugan: The freight elevator. Probably the best way for me to get topside too. Let's go.

Captain America: I'll keep them busy, Dugan. You get that lift working.

Dugan: If you think I'm leaving without you, you're crazier than Zola.

Captain America: It's the only way. We need both ends secured or they could trap us inside.

Dugan: Good point. I'll send it back down. See you topside.

Elevator's on it's way, Cap. Your limo's waiting, Cap. See you soon.

Captain America: Falsworth!

Madame Hydra: So close, yet so far, eh, Captain? Schnell, Schnell!

Dugan: I don't have a shot. Get her, Cap!

Captain America: Consider it done!

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