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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 10 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter ten with this online demo.


Henchman 1: This is pointless if he has any sense. . .

Mistress: Keep your eyes on that door! It won't hold him for long!

Henchman 2: I'm so hungry I could eat a painting of a pig.

Captain America: What have you done to Falsworth?

Henchman 1: Don't let him reach the mistress!

Henchman 2: Prove your loyalty!

Mistress: Kill him you fools! So this is what passes for a man in your country? Kill him you cretins! He's only a man! You are Hydra!

Captain America: A man you're obviously afraid of, unless you'd care to prove otherwise.

Mistress: Gladly. Idiots! What did I train you for? This is beneath me. Give up Captain! Your friend is lost.

Henchman 3: Mongrel dog!

Mistress: You'll soon see your friend in Hell! I'll kill you myself!

Henchman 4: Attack!

Mistress: To my side! Quickly, finish him!

Henchman 5: Surround him. Don't let him escape.

Henchman 6: Overwhelm him with numbers!

Mistress: Kill him you fools! Kill him you fools! Must I do everything myself? You . . . You . . .

Captain America: Surrender, I'll see you get medical attention.

Mistress: Surrender? To you? This is a badge of honor. I would sacrifice my life to give the master the time he requires.

Captain America: If you call Zola "master," then you're sicker than I . . .

Mistress: Zola? No, I answer to a greater power!

Captain America: The Red Skull? He's here? Tell me where. Now!

Mistress: Farewell Captain, may your death be agonizing! Hail Hydra!

Captain America: I should follow her. She'll probably be headed straight for the Skull.

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