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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 12

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter twelve with this online demo.


Captain America: What? Dugan, come in. I heard an explosion. Dugan, please respond!

Dugan: Sorry for the racket, Cap. That was me being my usual clumsy self. Seems I broke their pulse cannon.

Captain America: Where's the fire? Oh. Yep, that's Dugan all right.

Man 1: Find the man who did this. If we kill him, Zola may spare our lives.

Captain America: You've got bigger problems than Zola.

That's a thing of beauty, Dugan. Now get outside. Link up with the others. I'll be there soon.

Dr. Zola: Herr Skull! I trust your journey was pleasant.

Skull: It was. Until I arrived to find the castle under attack.

Dr. Zola: A minor annoyance, easily dealt with. You did bring the Cosmic Cube?

Skull: Of course. And I will use it to activate the Sleeper. After you've given me the Super Soldier Serum.

Dr. Zola: Yes, certainly. I have it inside, where no misfortune can befall it.

Skull: From this "minor annoyance"?

Dr. Zola: What we do here today will crush those idiots. Turn the tide of the war itself.

Skull: The war? The war is meaningless. When both sides have weakened each other sufficiently, all the world will meet its true masters.

Dr. Zola: And we will be ready. Hail Hydra! Now, if you'll follow me.

Captain America: Only one chance to reach the Skull in time, if one of these trains goes in the right direction. That runs east-west. I need one heading north.

Man 2: [foreign language 00:04:15]

Captain America: Jackpot! The control hub for the entire rail line. If I can just get a train running north, I can hitch a ride straight to the Skull.

One more turn should do it. It's aligned. It worked!

Doors are sealed up ahead, but if I can get this thing going fast enough, it won't matter.

Man 3: No! It can't be!

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