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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 13 (2 of 2)

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter thirteen with this online demo.


Captain America: It's working. The machinery's failing. That looks flammable. Timer's set, got to move fast. It's all coming down. One more explosion should finish it. I can kill two birds with one stone here. No way across, unless I make one. If I hit that just right with my shield . . .

Hope I left enough time to get clear. There she blows! Whatever this place was powering, it's not anymore.

Man 1: Remember your combat training.

Man 2: What happened? Equipment failure?

Man 1: Yes. The same equipment failure that destroyed the train! Spread out, idiot! Secure all exits. I want him caught!

Captain America: That did damage. They'll be swarming this place like flies. Got to keep moving.

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