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Captain America Super Soldier Walkthrough: Chapter 16

Check out this Captain America: Super Soldier walkthrough and beat chapter sixteen with this online demo.


Captain America: There's the chapel... and it's well fortified. Falsworth's got to be inside.

Enemy 1: Spread out, check every corner.

Soldier 1: Fire! Fire!

Soldier 2: It's him! Block the way!

Captain America: What on Earth? That's the only path. If I can't walk through it, I have to go over it. Great. Better get out of their line of sight...

The shield is starting to feel like a part of me.

Soldier 3: [Foreign Language 00:06:38]

Captain America: Perfect. I can use this to mark the tanks for artillery strikes. Morita, stand by for coordinates. I got some tanks that need shelling.

Morita: Great to hear, Cap. They've been firing on us all day. Light them up!

Captain America: Coordinates locked. Fire at will!

Morita: Fire weapon!

Captain America: Bull's eye. One more to go. The dish is done for... I'll have to find another.

Target locked. Fire when ready!

Morita: Stand clear! Cap? How'd we do?

Captain America: Aces back to back.

Morita: Great news, Cap. Bucky and Dugan are en route to your location. Get Falsworth out of there!

Captain America: I just pray I'm not too late...

Falsworth! Bucky, Dugan...


Zola: You thought me dead? I am beyond life and death. I have transcended flesh. Mastered it. Including your friend Falsworth. You have inspired me, Captain. Your colorful symbolism. The way your inferiors worship you... follow you like sheep. After I've killed you, I shall drain your blood to re-create the Super Soldier Serum... and use it on your friend. Transforming him in to a symbol just like you. He will be my puppet... the perfect assassin.

Captain America: I know this man. He'd die first. And I'll die before I let you lay a hand on him.

Zola: How nice. We both want the same thing.

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